Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kako Bai needs our help!

Kako Bai is a strong Lady from Malpurya village, which is 8 km away from Jadan. She is 60 years old and she has 3 sun and one daughter. Her 2 sons are working outside the village in Pali and Mumbai and one is farmer im Malpurya, her daughter is with her. The family is living with appr. 3000 ind. Rupees monthly.
One year ago she had an accident in her home, she slipped on the floor and fall very badly. After this accident she did'nt get any treatment or examination , she was not brought to a Doctor for help, she was alone in misery. After this she was not any more able to fulfill her daily duties at home because she couldnt stand or sit any more. She came to us in the Malpurya Camp only by roping on the earth, because she can't use any more the right leg. The bones are already joint but in a complete wrong direction - so all her working possibilities are reduced to zero, she can only rope on the floor.We took her to the hospital,where she get the first X-ray of the leg, which shows a fracture in the right hip joint but also a fracture in the femur. All is already in calcification but the bones joint in a wrong position. Also the joints,ligaments and muscles of the whole leg are reduced and the whole leg is complitly stiff. another problem is that se cannot see on both eyes due to catharract.Our Hospital provide her tomorrow a free eye operation. In the morning our Ambulance car will fatch her from her home and bring her to the Hospital for operation. The catarract operation will be done the same day.

We decided to do our best to help her!She will need an artificial hip joint,which is extremly costly and must be done in a special clinique. Afterwards she will need also a long time of rehabilatation too. If it is possible please help so that we can make this operation possible! Please see on under SUPPORT the possibilities of donation for Kakoo Bai. Write please on your donation also her name. It would be wonderful if we could help her!
Thank you so much!We will report you always about her condition.

Free Eye Camp

The Sri SWAMI MADHAVANANDA Austria HOSPITAL in JADAN offered on Sunday, 10th April, a free Eye camp in the Hospital for the needy villagers. 245 patients where checked by Dr. G. K. Goyal and his team in the camp and we selected 11 patients for free eye operations. The selected patients will be operated today by the Eye specialist Dr. G.K. Goyal. The free services like medicines, consultations and transportation where provided by our hospital. Operated eye patients will be kept for one day in the hospital ward , getting medical observation and free food. Thanks to all helpers , donors, well wishers, doctors and hospital team who made this possible!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thanks to Mrs. Phuli Devi

Mrs.Phuli Devi is the most joyful person of our staff. She is taking care of the kitchen and preparing the food for all staff members. She is 40 years old, married and has 4 children, 3 boys and 1 daughter. Her husband Narayan Lal, is a painter in our workshop. They are both living in the worker quarter. The oldest son, 21a, is learning pharmacy at Falna(and has to be supported financially) , the other 2 children are students of the Gyan Putra school of the Ashram. The daughter is still unmarried, she finished the 9th school class. Both parents have now to earn the money (appr. 4000 Euros) for her marriage, which is a very high amount for them. Phuli Devi is working since 1,5 years in our hospital and I saw her only smiling day by day. She is for me the sunlight of this big hospital and even we cannot communicate very well it is always a pleasure to see her and feel her positive vibration. Also the food she is preparing for all of us is very good and this has also to do something with her positive and lovingly nature.
I asked her for a statement – so she just told: ‘I love my work and I like to be here. All are nice to me and they appreciate my cooking.’ Thank you Phuli Devi for your services and we wish you a long and happy life!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Physiotherapy is a Healing Method

On 14th of march M. B.K.Bhardwaj, 59 years old man from Marwar Junction, working in the Indian Railway. He came with severe neck pain which was radiating in both hands and with kibbling sensations. He suffered of this already since 6 month and he could not work properly, because of pain. Till now he got only symptomatically treatment , like painkillers and muscle relaxants. First of all we advised him to get an X -Ray from his cervical spine. The diagnosis was that he has a severe compression between 2 vertebras. Dr. Dhananjay, the Physiotherapist of our hospital, advised him to make a special treatment for 7 days at the beginning. Dr. Dhananjay made a manual manipulation on his neck and put him also on the cervical traction unit. M. B.K. Bhardwaj was also advised to make daily twice isometric and isotonic neck exercises.
After the 7 days treatment the patient get completely relief from his pain but was advised to continue the treatment for another 2 or 3 weeks more. ‘I am very happy that I got this treatment in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital and that I feel so good after only 1 week treatment and without taking any medicines, only with the help of the Physiotherapy. I will tell to many people in Marwar Junction about this excellent Physiotherapy department.Thank you very much.'

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dental Health camp in Jadan village

Dr. Abishek Dadhic, dentist of our hospital, conducted a Dental Health camp on 13.March 2012 in the Government school of Jadan village. The children of the Primary school, students in the age of 6 to 14 years, the classes 1 to 8, participated with big interest in the camp. Dr. Dadhic instructed them in brushing techniques, oral hygiene and general hygiene, but also in healthy food and prevention of dental diseases. Around 250 toothpaste and toothbrushes where distributed among the children along with an education chart.This children came from rural area villages, families living mostly in simple huts without electricity and water. Mostly the oral hygiene consists in cleaning the teeth with finger and ashes, which is not the proper way to get clean teeth and gums. We hope that they will follow our advises, becoming an example in their families and become aware of the importance of dental care for the wellbeing of the general health.

Wrong treatment and correct treatment, the destiny of a farmer

On the 11. Feb. M. Kanha Ram came in our hospital. He is a 60years old farmer from Jadan village. He had since one year big problems with his right shoulder. He could not lift up his arm and not work with both hands in farming, due to severe pain. One friend of him told him that in a nearby village there is a man healing with hot iron rode. So he decided to go to this man searching for help. He reached at his home the next day. The man, who had no medical education at all, but pretending to be able to cure people, heated an iron rode in the open fire and touched with the glowing iron rode the top of the shoulder of Kanha Ram and hold it there for a while. It was a terrible pain and Khana Ram was screaming loudly. It took him 3 weeks that the wound was healing but no success concerning his shoulder problem.
Our Hospital gives free consultations to the Jadan village and so he came to us searching for a professional help. Our senior Dr., Dr. Arora make the diagnosis that he has a frozzen shoulder and referred him to our Physiotherapist Dr. Dhananjay. He started a treatment with Ultrasound therapy, Short wave Diathermy and special exercises to improve the function of the shoulder joint. Kanha Ramis is very happy now that finaly his shoulder becomes better and better. He started already to work again as a farmer, which work he had to stop for already one year.

Postgraduate Hygiene Education by Dr. Vera SPATENKOVA

On 21. Feb. 2012 we had the honour to welcome Dr. Vera SPATENKOVA M.D., Ph.D, Head of the Neurological – Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, Neurocentre, Liberec, teaches at Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. She made a post graduated education about Hygiene and Sterilization for the doctors and nurses of our hospital. Dr. Spatenkova gave a verz inetersting lecture but also she gave many practical advises to our nurses about the proper use and preparation of sterilization and hygiene. Our whole team was very thankful to her that she took the time to gave us this very precious and important instructions.We will do our best to follow her advises.