Monday, April 13, 2009

The construction work of the hospital is complete!

WELCOME to our new blog, which will give you information about the Hospital Project in Jadan.

Thanks to your help we now have part of the equipment and have acquired beds, mattresses, hydraulic tables, trolleys, examination tables, instruments trays and many other items we need to run the hospital.
In medicine, DIAGNOSIS is the main pillar for effective treatment!
That´s why our diagnostic equipment will have a high standard.

Dear Friends,
We urgently require your help to purchase the following equipment for the opening of the Hospital. Thank you for your support! The total cost to equip our Hospital for opening is 150 000 Euros. We also need 120 000 Euros as capital for future use and maintenance. Whatever you give will come back to you in multitudes.

Some items which we urgently need are listed below:
  • 1 x Cell Analyser f. lab - 7 606 E
  • 1 x X-Ray machine - 7 107 E
  • 1 x Semi-Auto Analyser - 2 872 E
  • 1 x Electrolyt Analyser - 2 717 E
  • Lab Equipment - 2 752 E********************** SHARE - GIVE - HELP OTHERS
  • Ambulance Equipment - 6 240 E
  • 3 x Computers - 1 976 E
  • 6 x Air Conditioners - 3 120 E
  • Intercom - 2 600 E
  • 111 x Bed Covers - 30 E each
for a more detailed list please click here

We would be delighted if you can help us with this!

Donation possibilities: DONATE NOW - HELP OTHERS

Also visit our web site:

- Many little drops fill the mighty ocean -

Story:In the evening all the children from the hostel are coming to the Satsang. They have discovered that I know Dentistry. So if a child has a loose milk tooth, they come to me and without any instrument, in the dark, I pull the tooth quickly out. Then they run away, very happy…

It also happened to me, that 4 weeks ago I got a big burn wound on my thigh. Unfortunately we didn’t have sterile compresses and bandages and therefore, the wound got infected. It has taken more then 4 painful weeks to heal.
So these are just a few of the examples of our daily life here! All of us and also our children are eagerly waiting for the hospital to soon provide medical support. Nobody knows who will be the next to need and benefit from medical help!

The good news: One lady Dentist from Slovakia, Dr. Savitri, will come to India in April and she will purchase and donate some Dentistry equipment which is needed for the hospital. We are very thankful to her for this generous and important donation and the personal care she is providing.

Ashram news:
The heat is increasing and we have to try to do our jobs as early in the morning as possible,
because lunchtime temperatures are increasing up to 46 degrees.

Hundreds of neem trees, which we know for their bitter leaves and medicinal properties, are blossoming. Due to this a sweet fragrance lies over the Ashram. This sweet and intoxicating smell leads us to plunge into the sweetness of our hearts and reminds us that we should also always search for the sweetness in our daily life.

We get kilos and kilos of fresh carrots coming from our garden and the kitchen team is preparing all kind of delicious carrot variations for eating. There are also lots of other fresh salad and vegetables - that’s why all Karma Yogis are very healthy and happy!

The lucerne grass (hindi: rajga) is ready to be cut and the cows are happy to be given such delicious food.

Also our squirrels are happy to eat the food set out for the birds, who are very astonished about this….. greediness is everywhere...

I hope you like our first post of the jadanhospital blog. Don´t hesitate to give us your suggestions!

with love
Sadhvi Shanti


  1. Hallo Shanti,
    erinnerst du dich noch an mich? Ich habe das Hospital 2000 für euch entworfen. Auch wenn ich an der weiteren Detailplanung und Ausführung nicht mehr beteiligt war, wäre es nett mich als Architekten zumindest zu erwähnen.
    Liebe Grüße
    Architekt DI Stephan Trauner
    TSB Architekten Salzburg

  2. Thank's sadhvi Shanti. Nice blogg, nice pictures.
    Hanspuri from Prague

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