Monday, March 28, 2011

See You tube Hospital Video with Sadhvi Shanti

Please see this video about SSM.Austria Hospital in Jadan- A speach of S. Shanti at X- Mas 2010 - LOVE - SERVE- GIVE- HELP OTHERS. thank you!and and share this video with others....

A documentary of the service of Love You too can save lives - Take your opportunity......LOVE- SHARE - GIVE - HELP OTHERS hands have more value than folded hands. (Swami Maheshwarananda)
Sadhvi Shanti Ji on Sri Swami Madhavandanda Austria Hospital

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dr. Radesh Vyas sergeant, joint our Hospital

On the camp day of 16.3. Dr.Radesh Vyas, from Jodhpur joint for the first time our hospital. He is a very experienced general sergeant, working more than 30 years in his profession.He visited the whole hospital and said: "You put so much effort in this hospital, now we have really to start running it in the best possible way. We will utilize all facilities which are here at present.You have a very good minor operation theater where we can perform all kind of little operations.I think we can do a lot to improve the health condition of this area." On same day Dr. Vyas inaugurated already the minor OT by performing a minor surgery on the hand of one of our school boys. We are happy to welcome him in our team!

Story of Jamuna Devi

„My name is Jamuna Devi. I m 40 years old housewife. I have five daughters. My husband is earning about 2000Rs per month which is shared by seven family members.
Five years ago I got eye problems. In the evening after 6pm I cannot see anything at night. I‘ m also working as labour sometimes and since last 2 years I developed problem in my left eye.
I could not see properly long distance and also short distance gave me more and more unclear and dull pictures. This worsten with time. I heard about your camp through ambulance loudspeakers passing through my village.
So this is how I came to know more about your hospital camp with free eye operations.
I was operated yesterday, March 16th, 2011. Today the bandage from my left eyes was removed.
I got special eye glasses. I am so happy because my vision is clear again.
I was diagnosed by General Practitioner of the hospital with big Vitamine A deficiency which is the cause of my night blindness.
I was diagnosed aneamic as well and he prescribed me Vit A and iron tablets to combat my deficiency and to improve my health. Next week I have my check up appointment.“
I am very thankfull to the Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital team for all help I received.

Free Megacamp at Jadan

On the 16th March 2011 we organized a Free Medical Camp with six doctors. It was inaugurated by Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Jasrajpuri with a puja and lightening of dipak. Our doctor team was: Dr. Radesh Vyas, general surgeant, Dr. Jogenra Singh, general doctor, Dr. A.K. Naval, general doctor, Dr. Goyal, eye specialist, Dr. Madhu Mathur , gynecologist and Dr. Abishek Dadich, dentist. The end result of the health camp was excellent. We had more than 500 patients receiving consultations and free medicines. They came from nearby villages, mostly iletrated farmer families for free help and treatments. Seven patients were selected for the eye operation. They were operated on the same day. Food and accamodation for the patients was given free by the Sri…. as well as the operations itself. Dr. Goyal and his professional team were giving treatment and operations. On the second day after the camp, hospital doctors did post- operative check up. They provided glasses as well. Thanks to your donations we could help all this needed 500 patients in this rural area. Please be so kind to help us also in the future.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are happy to announce that on 16.March 2011 we are organizing a big Medical camp with following Doctors: Dr. Rajesh Vyas, general surgeant, Dr.Madhu Mathur, gynaecologist, Dr. G.K.Goyal, ophtalmologist, Dr. Abhishek Dadich, dentist, Dr.A.K. Naval, general practitionner,Dr. Jogendra Singh, general practitionner.
Our Hospital team is already very busy to make advertisment under the guidance of PRO Mr. Ranjan. Our team makes advertisment in the nearby villages with car and loudspeaker as well as distribiution of thousands of pamphlets. We hope to have big success, because our Doctors told us that they want to have much to do – means many ill and suffering people should visit the hospital on the 16.March! All patients will have free consultations and medicines. We still need donators for this medicines, which will be approximatly about 150 euros. May be you could help us in this matter. Thank you. We will inform you about the response of the camp, which is specially dedicated to the needed and economical not fortunate people of the area.


The whole Hospital stuff celebrated the birthday of our Society and Hospital President Sadhvi Shanti Puri in a very warm and nice way. According to Indian Vedic tradition the members of the hospital made a MAHAMATRUANJAY JAAP puja in the central hall oft he Hospital. All stuff members took part in the Arati(prayer) and appreciate Sadhvijis efforts for the Hospital. With their best wishes they offered a statue of Lord Ganesha as a symbol of prosperity and remover of obsticles.

Girls Health Awareness Seminar in Ashram School

In Rajasthan the condition of women are not so good compared with big cities in the country, due to the lack of education and awareness about the general health. To make them aware and health conscious Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital organized Health Awareness Seminar especially for school teenager girls.
In February, S.S.M.A. Hospital arranged one seminar for the Shri Vishvadeep Gurukul Vidhayalay’s Girls. General Surgeon and Gynecologist Dr.Madhu Mathur addressed the seminar as an expert. In her one hour speech she explained basic anatomy of women body. She was interacting with the girls personally explaining them everything about General health awareness. About 300 girls took part in that health awareness seminar. Not only the teenager girls but also school lady teachers benefited from this programme. In the second part, question and answers time, the girls were asking many questions related to general health & basic awareness. According to one lady teacher, in her whole life and 15 years of teachings, this was her 1st time she attended this kind of educational program. Many of them had personal consultation with Dr. Mathur. At the end, everybody sends regards and big Thank You to Austria Hospital for providing such educational programme.

In the future, the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL will organize Health Check up programs for girls of different age for better Sukh Swasthya.