Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Hospital staff wish you a Happy New Year 2012!

In Rajasthan weather is very different from weather in Europe. In daytime we have 20 degrees and more, nighttime may be 12 degrees. It is pleasant to visit India in this time because sun is shining the whole day!
We invite you dear friends and donors to visit us so that we can meet personally and you can see our work. We are open for your ideas and suggestions and wish to meet you.You are always most welcome!
Thank you for helping in this Hospital project so that we can help the needy one of this rural area.
We wish you a Happy New Year 2012, good health, peace and happiness.
In the name of our team Ranjan Dave, Chief Coordinator

See from left to right:-
1.Mrs. Fully Bai : Ward Lady 2.Miss Usha Vaishnav : Nursing In charge 3.Mr. Anil Sharma : Lab & X Ray In charge 4. Dr. A. K. Nawal : Medical Officer 5.Mr. Ranjan Dave : Chief Coordinator 6. Dr.Abhishek Dadhich : Dentist 7.Mr. LaduRam : Pharmacy Person/Boy 8.Miss Chitrangna Amravat : Receptionist 9. Dr. G.N. Arora : Senior Medical Officer 10.Mr. Balveer Singh : Nursing Staff 11.Mr. Narendra Kumar : Ward Boy 12.Mr. Arjun pandit : Housekeeping Staff

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free Medical Check Up Camp at Khardi Village on 15 th Dec.

On the eve of Mahasamadhi day of Shree Deep Narayan Mahaprabhji the Hospital staff went to the Khardi village, which is a few kilometers far from our hospital. More than 250 patient get free consultation and treatment. We also provided them free medicine, general nursing and some laboratory tests. Dentist Dr.Abhishek Dadhich and Senior Doctor Dr. G.N. Arora where this time more than six hours in the village so that all people could get benefit of their medical help. Both tried their best to serve the villagers. Thanks to all our supporter and donors who are making big efforts to improve the Rural Health Condition in Rajasthan.

We got a top washing machine from our friends in Villach!

Archna, who is nurse in an emergency department in a big hospital of Villach, Kärtnen, South of Austria, was this year in India and visited our hospital. When she realized that we are giving the laundry of the hospital to a washman in the village, who is washing the bed sheets by hand and drying in the sun, she spontaneously decided to try to get donations in Austria for a proper washing machine. She was asking in the hospital where she is working doctors, colleges, friends to support this activity and she was quite successful. Even her two children 14 and 16 years old donated some of their pocket money for the machine. When Sadhvi Shanti came to Villach on 9. Dec. with a photo presentation of Mt. Kailash, she could give her the donation of 540 Euros to buy a good washing machine with all programs, so that the bed sheets can be washed now with 95 degrees. We thank her very much. Also we thank to Bhaktanand, who is every year organizing with great success a flee market for our hospital. Big thanks to Villach donors and active helpers!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mangilal get relieve from kneeproblems, thanks to Dr. Parihar

Mangilal Ram is a farmer from Sonia, distr. Pali, who had problems with his knees since five years with pain and swelling over the left knee. He visited many different doctors but he didn’t get relieve from his pain. Even three times an aspiration of the joint was done, where fluid was aspirated, but nothing helped till now. Two weeks ago Dr.Parihar, Orthopedic Surgeon, examined him and gave him a good healing plan: he prescribed him Analgesics and medicines for a few days to reduce the swelling and pain, but recommended him specially to make Physiotherapy for 6 month, 3 times per week. And he promised him that if he will make this exercises regularly and come to the Electro Physiotherapy, he will be better very soon. He is coming now in our Physiotherapy center where he gets best treatment with Electrotherapy, Ultrasound and exercises. He is already much better, following strictly the advice of the doctor, making his exercises with great discipline. We wish him all the best for his completely recovery.

Story:Mangala Ram’s hand was saved

“I am so lucky and thankful to Austria Hospital because I got the chance to get the treatment here and so my right hand thumb was saved.” These are words of Mangala Ram, a poor farmer of KANVAS Village. Mangala Ram is a 45 years old farmer, working as a Thrasher on a trashing machine.
‘’I started to work in the morning of the 16. Nov., as usual, but all of a sudden my hand slipped in the machine, I felt a terrible pain and everything was completely full with blood within a second. It seems to me that I lost my fingers and I was very afraid about this. I have 2 children and a family which I have to feed, who will help them if I cannot work anymore? Another worker, who was beside me, put a thick piece of cloth over my hand and tried to find a possibility to reach a doctor. It was a terrible time for me, I cannot think on this anymore.’’ In rural area it is very difficult to find quickly a public transportation. So he started to walk with his college, who supported him, to the nearest bus stop and so they reached the SSMA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, JADAN. Our hospital team attended him already as he was announced as Emergency Patient. We immediately put him into the Minor Operation Theater and our doctor started with the treatment. He had a major and deep cut on his right hand side thumb. Before stitching his thumb was looking almost like it was separated from the other part of the hand and we were all afraid that the thumb would be lost. But the Doctor made 5 stitches inside and 5 stitches from outside and saved his hand with the thumb on it. We were all glad about it. We kept the farmer for another day in the hospital for observation, but all went fine and no problem occurred in the healing process afterwards.
It took of course some time till the deep wound healed completely, but Mangala Ram was so happy that he kept his thumb and can continue to work as a Trasher in the future. ’’Thank you all team of hospital, you saved my life and the future of my family.’’ Mangala Ram got the treatment at the right time and we could save his hand thanks to God. Now he is very happy and our hospital team is happy with him.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year 2012

Dear friends, donors, members, well wisher and friends of the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL . From all our heart we wish you a calm and peaceful Christmas festival with beautiful time with your family and friends. May the Year 2012 bring you happiness, wealth and good health. In the name of the Hospital organization and also in the name of all members of the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Jadan, India, we want to thank you for your generous support and help. In 2011 we could make a good progress and thanks to your help give free eye operations, medical camps, make new medical investments and also open 2 new departments of Physiotherapy and Ayurveda therapy. We hope that also in the next year you will support our project, which is also your project because ‘’Together we are strong’’. Thank you for helping the needy one in Rajasthan.
S. Shanti in the name of Hospital organization and SSMA Hospital in Jadan

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Help is needed for english/german &german/english translation

May be you can help us? We need to translate sometimes for the Hospital from english to german and another time from german to english.
In the moment we search urgently somebody to translate the small vegetarian cooking booklets , which Eva(Gayatri) from Vienna was writing. They are in German but we want to distribute them also in English so that many people will have access to this excellent, very practical and healthy cook booklets.
We hope that St Claus will provide us this help!
Thank you in advance, greetings from the healthy food team of Vienna.

'When Gods are dancing'': charity event in Vienna

We had in Vienna on Tuesday 29.11.11.evening a wonderful INDIAN DANCE evening with BHAKTI DEVI (Indische Tanzschule Bharatnatyam), who gave a perfect dance performance. We were all very impressed about her dance abilities and enjoyed very much the whole program. With Jasmin as speaker, Bhavani and Nidhi from the dance school and Bhakti Devi we were witnessing the ancient dances in honor of Lord Shiva and other Goddesses. It was a charity event and the donations are going to the Jadan Hospital(Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital). A dentist friend of Sadhvi Shanti was sponsoring the evening and many of his patients were enjoying the performance. We are very thankful for all the kindness, support and help we got on this evening to give medical help to the needy one in Rajasthan.

Sadhvi Shanti in Ukraine: Meditation seminar for Hospital

Yoga in daily life society of Cherkassy invited Sadhvi Shanti to hold a weekend-seminar on the subject of “MEDITATION – the way to happiness”. The seminar took place in the medical centre “Astra” in Cherkassy. The Saints of India brought the spiritual heritage of Yoga and Meditation to the world. Self-realization is the aim of all yoga paths. Meditation is the best tool to reach this aim, which is achievable for everyone. We practiced different techniques from Yoga in daily life, like asanas , concentration and different levels of “Self-Inquiry Meditation”. During the lectures we were recommended to study the ancient scriptures of Upanishads, Bhagvat-Gita, Adi Guru Shankaracharya and the books of “Yoga in daily life”, written by Swami Maheshwarananda. In satsangs, after interpretation, we were all chanting mantras, singing bhajans, especially those in connection with Meditation and Self-realization, like Shivoham and Cidananda Rupa Shivoham . The income of the whole program is going to the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Jadan, India to help the needy one.

A real Xmas story: Only God can heal

Dr. Radesh Vyas, our general surgeon of the Hospital, told me the following story, which he experienced some years ago: “I was in night duty in the Manadhari Hospital in Jodhpur. Suddenly in the middle of the night we had 2 emergency cases one after the other, with an interval of half an hour. The first patient was a very rich man who had a severe heart attack and he was in danger of life. Immediately they shifted him in the Emergency room and gave him all ever possible medicines and infusions to maintain his life. You must know that there is no health insurance in India and people have to pay their medicines themselves. For the family of the rich man this was not a problem and he got all costly medicines and best treatments, to save his life.
After thirty minutes another patient was admitted: it was a poor farmer who had as well a severe heart attack, which could cost his life. He had lots of pain and was in bed condition. His son came with him to take care of him. After the emergency treatment the doctor recommended a very good but also very costly medicine for the farmer. His son was very sad because he didn’t have the money for it and he felt helpless. So he went out of the room and phoned to several friends and wealthier people with the request to give him money to save his father´s life. But he was not successful and didn’t find anyone to help to buy the right medicines for his father. So the doctors could give only symptomatically treatment to him, with painkillers, sedative and infusions, but could not give the really effective medicines to remove the blockage in the vessels of his heart, due to lack of money. I tried my best to take care of the patient and spoke with his son as well to console him, telling him that everything is possible and that he should not give up hope. But I personally didn’t have much hope that the poor man would survive. In the meantime the rich man was treated with all possible medical care in the intensive care.
Next morning when I started visiting the patients the son came to me, looking very exhausted and nervous. I was thinking that he will tell me now that his father passed away this night. But I was completely surprised because the son was just asking for some breakfast for his father. I asked him:“What is with your father? How is his condition?”- ”Well you know, after we understood that we don’t have a chance for best medicines, Dad started to repeat the name of God. So the whole night he was praying and chanting “OM NAMO SHIVAYA, OM NAMO SHIVAYA, OM NAMO SHIVAYA…… “repeating the whole night this mantra. After some time Dad get much better, he didn’t feel any more pain in the chest, could breathe normally, and felt much better.’’ I couldn’t believe this and we made an ECG and blood test for controlling his heart activity. And by miracle all health parameters where much better! The father looked to me, smiled and said: “See Lord Shiva saved me in this night, he gave me a new life. I am so thankful for this.”We were all were very happy, praising God for this miracle.
In the meantime in the Intensive care some time before the rich man passed away. Even so he gets all costly and super medical care his life could not be saved. His time on this world was over.
Medicine can only help. God is the biggest healer. Through his blessings everything is possible.

First Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp

The First Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp on 10.Nov.11 was very successful. Dr. AJAY SINGH PARIHAR, MCH , Orthopedic surgeon from Jodhpur, trained in UK, and his team where looking after a big number of patients. Dr. Parihar is specialized on knee replacement and got his training in UK. He came with 3 of his best staff members. On that day patients got free Physiotherapy facilities and important exercise tips by the Physiotherapy consultant Dr. Mohammed Imran and Dr. Siddant Joshi. Many villagers came to the camp, searching for help. Due to extremely hard work in the fields many villagers here have severe joint problems and are in need of good diagnosis and treatment.
In the area we have only 2 Orthopedic surgeon for about 20000 people. We hope for the future that we can find an Orthopedic Doctor coming to our hospital once the week at least, because people need urgently their help. We would be also very happy if some European Orthopedic doctor would join us for a certain time to increase the medical help for the needy one in the rural area.
Other doctors giving their best services in this camp were: General Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas, General Medical Doctor Dr. G.N.Arora gave to all 200 patients free medicines(donated by European visitors). On this Camp Our Volunteer Dentist Dr. Anita Sukla(UK) worked together with Dr. Abhishek Dadhich, our Hospital dentist. Eye specialist Dr. G. K. Goyal & team provided their services and 6 patients were selected for free cataract operation. We thank all who helped and sponsored this very important camp. Please help also in the future with only 30 EUR to give free eye operations to the needy one.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Need of Doctors, nurses, secretary, organizers as Volunteers for longer time period

Our Hospital is growing and we want to achieve a high standard in all levels of the hospital. Due to the fact that nearly all donations for this project are coming from abroad we request you, dear friends, donors and well wisher of the Hospital to support the professional development. For this we need DOCTORS of all qualifications as volunteers, NURSES who can give support and help to the local nursery staff, volunteers as SECRETARY for computer work for hospital, people you are good in ORGANIZATION, with knowledge about hospital organization. Please be so kind and ask in your environment if someone could come to help us. We need your help!
For info’s contact please:
Thank you very much!

2 New Monitors for our Emergency Department

Two new Schiller Multi Parameter Monitor has been purchased for our Hospital this month. We are very thankful to our donors for that. These both monitor are very necessary for all emergency patients. Vishwaguru Maheshwarnanda’s Mata ji spent the last days of her life in our hospital. During those days we where very much missing this Monitors. One Monitor is working in the Emergency room and another one in our Minor Operation Theater. These Color Monitors having multiple measuring functions include 3-Lead, 7 Lead ECG/HR, RESP, SpO2/Pulse and Duel Temp. These both Monitor are able to connect with central station to realize centralized monitoring with alarm.
Once again we are really very thankful to all our donors and supporters, because of their effort we can give better services to the needy people of Rajasthan and increase the quality of the medical treatment.

Tulsi plant is the Elixir of life

The 'tulsi' plant or Indian basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition. The name 'tulsi' connotes "the incomparable one". Tulsi is a venerated plant and Hindus worship it in the morning and evening. Tulsi grows wild in the tropics and warm regions.The presence of tulsi plant symbolizes the religious bent of a Hindu family. A Hindu household is considered incomplete if it doesn't have a tulsi plant in the courtyard.
The Holy Herb: Places that tend to inspire concentration, meditation and places ideal for worship. The manufacture of tulsi necklaces is a cottage industry in pilgrimages and temple towns.
Tulsi as Elixir:
Apart from its religious significance it is of great medicinal significance, and is a prime herb in Ayurvedic treatment. Marked by its strong aroma and a stringent taste, tusli is a kind of "the elixir of life" as it promotes longevity. The plant's extracts can be used to prevent and cure many illnesses and common ailments like common cold, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning and malaria. Essential oil extracted from karpoora tulsi is mostly used for medicinal purposes though of late it is used in the manufacture of herbal toiletry.

Bone & Joint relief Camp, 10.11.11

On the Eve of Guru Nanak birthday the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital announce a specially Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp at our Hospital premises. It is a general Holiday so many people have opportunity to come for the camp. Our Physiotherapy department is progressing and this BONE and JOINT Medical Camp on the 10.Nov. will be free of charge for villagers. A well known Orthopaedic doctor from Jodhpur Dr. AJAY SINGH PARIHAR , MCH Orthopaedics (UK) and his team will give their best services to the patients. With him comes his Physio consultant Dr. Mohmmed Imran and he will work in our Physiotherapy center together with Dr. Siddant Joshi, the Physiotherapist of our Hospital. Medical Officer Dr. Govind Naryan Arora and Dr. A.K.Naval ,Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas , Dentist Dr. Abhishek Dadhich and Eye specialyst Dr. G. K. Goyal also provide their services.
We are happy to offer this facilities to the most needy ones. Bone and joint problems are very common in this area and a good treatment is needed. Thank you dear donors and well wishers because through your donations we can offer this camp and help the needy ones.

New Fitness center and Physiotherapy

Apart of the Physiotherapy Center we opened also a FITNESS Center in the hospital to give people the possibility to improve their fitness and health condition. The area where the hospital is situated is a deserted area, a place before the desert Tar is starting. There are no mountains or hills and people have no opportunity for condition training as in areas where hills, mountains and rocks are part of the landscape.
In the photo you see Austrian yogis practicing on the Gym machine in the Fitness center. They enjoyed very much their training as you can see….

Sunday, October 9, 2011

MEDICAL CAMP visited by many villagers

The camp which was held on Sunday, 9th of October 2011, is successfully over. More than 150 people took their chance to receive free treatment and medication. In addition 6 patients for free eye operations were chosen, the operations will take place the following Sunday.We were very happy that Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Jasrajpuriji also visited the camp. He was our first patient at that day and stated “The most important joy of life is health”.

Our surgeon, Dr. Rajesh Vyas, also performed two minor operations successfully. Through the camp we once again recognized how important our physiotherapy department is for our local villagers. Many came to benefit from the treatments offered from Dr .Siddant Joshi. We are very blessed to have such great donors that enable us to offer free medical camps as well as free eye operations. Thank you all and please support us to further offer these possibilities to the needy ones!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ayurveda treatments in the time of Diwali - bookings still possible

Bookings for the Ayurveda treatments in the Ayurveda centre of Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Jadan are still possible. Our professional Ayurveda team is looking forward to give you the best possible treatments. A special Ayurveda diet is also offered.

The next dates are: 23.Oct. to 13.Nov.2011 & 25.Dec. to 8.Jan.2012

See the program on our website you can register there as well.
Looking forward to see you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Medical Camp on the 9th of October

The festival season in India started and the weather is changing, so it’s time for another medical camp. On the 9th of October (Sunday) from 9 am until 2 pm we are offering free treatment and medicine and will select patients for eye operations in our hospital. For this camp the following doctors will treat the patients for free: General Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas, Senior Medical Officer Dr. Govind Marian Arora, Dr. A.K. Naval, our Dental Specialist Dr. Abhishek Dadich and our Physiotherapist Dr. Siddant Joshi. Furthermore patients for the eye operations will be chosen and Dr. G.K. Goyal is going to operate them. Free SMS service is used to inform the villagers and routine patients about the medical camp.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Accident on the NH 14 Highway

On the 21st of September an accident happened just outside of our hospital. A motorbike and a small truck collided with each other. The two people riding on the motorbike were seriously injured. Especially the person sitting on the back of the bike was affected very hard, as he was thrown approximately 7 feet far and hit the front glass of the mini truck. The driver of the motorbike fell down on the road and had injuries both on his arm and his head.

The two motorbike drivers had traumatic injuries and bled from different parts of their bodies. Luckily, some villagers saw the accident and brought the injured directly to the hospital. Consequently the first aid treatment could directly start and our doctors and nurses worked with greatest efforts to help the patients. The hospital staff directly informed the relatives of the injured and within half an hour they arrived at the hospital.

After the patient’s medical condition improved, they have been brought for further treatment to the hospital in Jodhpur. Mr. Choga Ram (22) and Mr. Bhagirath are both fine, although Mr. Choga Ram still has to recover from his serious head injury. Their relatives appreciate the work of the nurses and doctors. The staff of the SSMA hospital is deeply grateful for the motivation and help of all donors and especially of Dr. S. Shanti, because due to them, all services for the needy ones of the area can be provided in this rural area!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Free eye operation: Mishri Bai can see again

Mishri Bai (on the picture with her husband Mangi Lal), a 40 year old woman from the village Sojat City, had her second eye operated after the free Medical Camp of our Hospital. Mishri Bai’s husband is a cobbler and has a very small shop beside a road in a small town. They are having six children, three boys and three girls, who are all older than 12 years. The family does not have a lot of money and the life is difficult for them.
Although Mishri Bai was cleaning and helped with other work in several houses, she faced the problem that due to her weak eyesight, she could not work as much as before. Mishri already had an eye operation on her left eye about 9 years ago, but in recent years she was also seeing less and less on her right eye.
When the family received the pamphlet for the free Medical Camp, they were very happy. They approached the SSMA Hospital and Mishri was chosen for the free eye operation. After the successful operation she was able to see clearly on both eyes again and after a couple of days she could go back to work, which is very important for the income of her family. Mishri Bai expressed her gratitude to the great work of the doctors and staff of SSMA hospital and also we want to say thank you to all our donors who made this operation possible! Please help us also in the future, so that we can treat the needy ones of the area.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My time as a VOLUNTEER with the Hospital

I have been practicing Yoga in Daily Life for about a year, and ever since felt the urge to go abroad and help the needy ones. Nevertheless, it took some time for me to decide what to do. During a meditation lesson in the Ashram in Villach, the idea about going to India came into my mind. After discussing my plans with Sadhvi Dayaji, who has been my yoga trainer in Villach, she advised me to send an application as a karma yogi to Jadan Ashram. So I did… I got my application accepted and at that time, I had the chance to visit a presentation of Sadhvi Shantiji in Austria. She was talking about the hospital in Jadan. I was really impressed and asked her in more detail about her work with the needy ones in the area of Pali, Rajasthan. We arranged that if possible, I would help her as a volunteer during my stay in Jadan.I arrived at the beginning of August and was immediately impressed about India. Although my travel was quite long, I could not wait to arrive in Jadan. The Ashram and within the hospital building – it looked so great – I was not disappointed. I soon met with Shantiji and she showed me the hospital, introduced me to part of the staff and explained what kind of work was lying ahead of us.

Since then, I helped as much as I could. Besides administration work, we prepared presentations, changed and added things on the homepage (e.g. volunteering), translated things into German, checked the material for the Ayurveda treatment etc. Currently I’m also working on the applications for NGO funds, to guarantee a long-term funding of the hospital. A lot of equipment needs to be bought and more free medical camps, operations, medications and treatments need to be offered. These free treatments and the equipment of the hospital are only possible through the donations of lots of well-wishers from all over the world, and should be expanded through the financing of NGO funds.

The villagers here are living in extremely harsh conditions, without proper medical treatment and healthcare. The mortality rate of children is really high; women and children are the most vulnerable groups to diseases. Even an eye operation, which costs only 30 Euros, is not affordable for the villagers. Volunteering with the hospital offers many possibilities. You can work in administration, help is always and everywhere needed, or if you are a health professional, you can help hands-on in the hospital and train the local medical staff also. You can help where help is really needed. Furthermore you gain personal and professional experience you will never ever want to miss again. And last but not least, you work with great people from all over the world in a very special environment.

So if you are interested or have any questions, please check our website (and the volunteering section also) or write an e-mail to
All the best from Jadan,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Patient from our Camp suffers from Hyperfluoris

Achla Ram, a 65 year old farmer from Khardi (a nearby village), came to the hospitals’ free medical camp, as he suffered from chronicle bronchitis. When we saw him, one of the first things we recognized was his strongly twisted spine. Mr. Ram walked with a cane and could not walk upright. He appeared to be older than he really was.
We were quite shocked when we heard, that 10 years ago he has been in a governmental hospital due to his joint and back pain. Unfortunately they did not examine him properly and treated him only symptomatically. Back then it would have probably been possible to stop the expansion of the hyperfluorosis.
Our doctors at the camp could now only treat his bronchitis and give him some relief from his joint and back pain. It was too late to stop the hyperfluorosis.
Such stories show, how hard life can be in this part of India. Even diseases that could be easily treated in Europe can have severe effects here. Apart from the non-existence of medical services, the other main reasons are the poor and unbalanced diet as well as the lack of clean water. We are very sorry that we could not do more for Mr. Ram, but we were also confirmed in our plans to expand the preventive programs for a healthy diet and lifestyle, to raise the awareness towards it already at an early age (e.g. schoolchildren).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On 11th of September, the birthday of Holy Guruji, the biggest medical camp of this year took place in the hospital. Many villagers came to receive treatment, medication and consultation. We also offered Physiotherapy treatments, as the department just opened at that day.
The doctors from our hospital: Dr. Govind Marayan Arora (Senior Medical Doctor), Dr. Jogendra Singh (Junior Medical Doctor), Dr. Dr. Abhishek Dadhich (Dentist), Dr. Sidhant Joshi (Physiotherapist). Some doctors came from Pali and Jodhpur to help the needy ones of the area: Dr. Kailas Parihar (Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Rajesh Vyas (General Surgeon), Dr. G.K. Goyal (Opthalmologist).
The treatment of the doctors was highly appreciated by the villagers and approximately 200 came to receive medication, treatment and consultation. The mobile ambulance played a major role, as it brought the patients from the rural areas to the hospital. Three patients have been chosen for the free eye operations and two patients will receive surgery for free. The other patients could be helped with medication. We will provide free follow-up checkups to all patients that have been at that day in the hospital.
Throught the blessings of Holy Guruji, we can also announce great news: Dr. Kailas Parihar (Orthopedic Surgeon)will come for free each Sunday into the hospital to treat the villagers. Thanks for that!

A big thank you to all our donors which make these regular camps possible and thank you in advance for the support to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New General Doctor excellent for our local Indians

Dr. Govind Narayan Arora, Senior Doctor is a very experienced Doctor, who worked 35 years in the government service of Rajasthan. Through his long medical treatment experiences, he is the best one to gain the confidence of our villagers. We welcome him warmly and are happy that he joined our team.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ayurveda: Book now!

In the time of Diwali you have the wonderful opportunity to make your Ayurveda treatment in the Ayurveda centre of Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Jadan with our professional Ayurveda team.

The dates are: 23.Oct. to 13.Nov.2011 & 25.Dec. to 8.Jan.2012

If you book soon, you get an early bird discount of 10 %. Furthermore you can book now and will receive a special present upon your arrival. See the program on our website, you can register there as well.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Megacamp on the 11th of September in the Hospital

On the birthday of Holy Guruji, we organize the biggest camp of the year on the 11th of September, from 9 am till 1 pm.
A group of doctors will serve the neediest ones of the area: Senior General Doctor, Junior General Doctor, Surgeon, Orthopedic Doctor, Eye Doctor, Physiotherapist, and Dentist. For the very first time, Physiotherapy treatment will be offered to help many people of the area, because they suffer from chronic joint problems and spine diseases due to heavy work, non-adequate working conditions and hyperfluorosis.

New Physiotherapy Department opening on 11th of September

Through the blessings of Holy Guruji, Sri Swami Madhavananda, on his birthday the 11th of September 2011, we are opening a new Physiotherapy Department. Dr. Sidhant S. Joshi, consultant physiotherapist and fitness consultant, joined our team on 1st of September. One of his first tasks was the equipment of the physiotherapy department, with S. Shanti being his first patient on the electro-physiotherapy.
This center is providing electrotherapy, manual therapy, mechanical therapy, heat therapy as well as fitness activities.
We are all very happy to service with this department chronically ill people as well as increasing and maintaining the health and fitness condition of our staff and our patients.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Urgently Wanted: VOLUNTEERS

Who's ready to make a selfless service in the time of 23.10.-12.11. and 25.12.-08.01. in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital?
During this time we are offering our Pancha Karma Ayurveda Treatments and need for this helping hands with the organization and administration. Ayurveda knowledge is not required.
Furthermore we would need VOLUNTEERS for ongoing activities, such as administration, secretary duties but also specialists for mouth hygiene, hospital management etc.
Please contact me, S. Shanti, on
THANK YOU VERY MUCH - your contribution will help the needy ones!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ayurveda Special Diet

During the Ayurveda Pancha Karma Treatment it is important to have a special diet for better effect of the treatments.
Recommanded in this time are: fruits, juices, vegetables, salads, sprouds, nuts, coconut water etc. From the fruits the best is papeya, apple, orange, lichi, pear, sweet lemon. Some others are not recommanded like mangos and bananas. No sugar is used in this diet, only honey instead.
Moong Dhal, Kicheri, Rice, Dalia, curd, and special spices like fenugreek seeds, gira etc.are recommanded. All food is as natural and sattvish as possible and easy to digest. Also during the treatment we give special ayurvedic herbal teas to balance the koshas. We try our best to do the best - we are happy about your suggestions at any time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy about your Donations

Our Yoga group who was here in July and August 2011 gave us donations for our Hospital. They saw the need and gave generously. The management Sadhvi Shanti Puri and Ranjan Dave happily received the money and put it in the huge donation box. Thank you dear donors, friends and well wishers of the Hospital. We are in very good progress and have very good plans and decisions in this time. Soon we will inform you about it. Only with your help we are able to increase the investments and success of the Hospital.

Next Ayurveda Pr: 23.Oct.to12.Nov.& 8.Jan.12

We invite you all to come to our next Ayurveda program. In July about 7o persons attended the treatment facilities and get benefit out of it.In the photo: Dr. Dheeraj and Anoushe, our first patient on 13.7. Several people made a Pancha Karama therapy with a special diet prepared specially for them. From all treatments people enjoyed specially the Abhyangam (full body massage)an d the Sirodhara. We are looking forward to welcome you soon in our Ayurveda Center. Registration on : . Details on

AYURVEDA treatment started on 13th July

On Wednesday, the day of Lord Ganesha at 7h30 we started the Ayurveda treatment program with a puja dedicated to Sri Ganesha. Our Ayurveda team : Dr. Dheeraj Gehlot, his 2 stuff members, Chief Coordinator M. Ranjan Dave, Sadhvi Shanti as well as hospital stuff members were present. Immediately after we started with the first consultation, which was given to Mrs. Anoushe from Vienna.
She was also the first patient getting the Abhyanga massage on one of the 2 new Ayurveda massage tables, which where specially handmade in Jodhpur for our Ayurveda center. She enjoyed the treatment and will get a Pancha karma treatment and diet in the next days. Also Sirodhara treatment was performed on this day with buttermilk (because of the heat) on the second table with new Sirodhara pots.
Our whole team was very happy that the first day passed successfully and we had a very good response from the Yoga people coming for consultation and treatments. Our special thanks goes to the blessings we get for this work and to all who helped to make this Ayurveda weeks possible. We hope we will have a bright future through this kind of natural therapies. Because “The Nature cures” and this is the best prevention and treatment. Our next Ayurveda program will be in October – November and Dewcember 2011.

First operation in SSMA Hospital

Devkanya is a 17 years old girl from Marvar Junction, living in a farmer family, which is under the poverty line. Since her birth she had on both hands a handicap :the 4th and the 5th finger were not separated(see photo) due to this she could not work properly with her hands. Also she has a big struma (swelling of the thyroid gland). First time I met Devkanya in our Hospital camp in March 2011. She came with her parents searching for help because the family could not effort an operation for her. She was very depressive and I felt very sorry for her. So we tried to help her as much as possible. And really it was possible: on 2th of May 2011 our first operation in Hospital was done on Devkanyas fingers – and it was successful! Dr. Rajesh Vyas , general sergeant, with one Assistant and Anesthetist where operating 60 minutes on her right hand and separated the both joint fingers successfully.Now Devkanya can laugh again! The second hand will be operated some time later. We gave all treatment and operation free to her. Thank you all , dear friends and donors, for supporting this kind of charity activities. We wish Devkanya a happy, healthy and successful life.

People benefit in summer by Free Medical Camp

Rajasthan is well known for his desert climate as well as in summer session also. In May and June the temperature of heat are crossing 45*c. This kind of summer creates big problems for the villagers and their basic health. To provide them better medical services in that kind of atmosphere, Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital organized a “Free Medical Health Check up Camp” on 18th of May. It was Wednesday and the temperature was near about 42*c. But it seem that people really require that camp, because on that day a good number of patients came to our hospital and get relief by our well trained medical team. Austria hospital provides not only free consultation but also free medicines. The camp was inaugurated by Mm Swami Jasraj Puri Ji and till 2 o’clock we cured several patients from Heat stroke, loose motion, diaries, asthma and viral fever and many other diseases. We could help about 160 patients thanks to our excellent doctor team: Senior surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas, Physician Dr. K. G. Agarwal, Dr. Jogendra Singh Rajpurohit and Dental specialist Dr. Abhishek Dadhich. Eye Specialist Dr. G.K.Goyal also served on this camp with his team and people get relief from general eye diseases. Our medical staff team under the guidance of Mr. Ranjan Dave gave their best efforts to make the camp successful.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Camp on Ramnavmi, birthday of Lord Rama

In the festival month of April with the blessings of Lord Rama our Hospital organized a big camp in the Hospital itself. Six doctors where helping 250 patients coming from all parts of the rural area of the district Pali.Our whole staff made big efforts for the advertisement and went in approximately 36 villages in the surrounding area. We selected eight patients for free eye operations. Also our Surgeon Dr.Vyas selected five cases for surgery which will be operated at our Hospital.Your donations will it make possible to improve our help for the needed ones.We are very thankful for this and we thank you in advance for your support.

Your Ayurveda treatment will help needed ones!

Dear friends, we are happy to announce that we start AYURVEDA treatment in the Ayurveda Ashram in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital. Dr. Dheeraj Gehlot, Ayurveda Doctor, will guide 2 weeks of Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Pancha Karma treatment. He and his team of professionals will offer you six different kinds of Ayurveda packages and many special treatments. The first week starts on 14. -21. July -, the second week on 22.7.- 29.7.2011. If you are booking and paying in advance you get 10% discount on the whole package. We are looking forward to welcome you in Jadan. For more information and inquiries write please to:, Mb: 0091 9001 897 295

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Ayurveda Doctor: Dr. Dheeraj Gelhot

Introducing to you: Dr. Dheeraj Gehlot (B.A.M.S.,D.PK), 27 years old, from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
He has graduated in Ayurveda in 2009 and has been practicing Ayurveda Panchkarma therapy from last 4 years.He Worked at Ramsnehi panchkarma centre in 2008. Now managing Ayurveda medispa & panchkarma centre at Jodhpur.He conducted many successful free medical camps.He is very interested in helping people to lead a healthy and successful life with the help of the traditional indian naturopathie science of Ayurveda.His personality itself is already a medicine - because he is from his nature very peaceful and balanced.
He and his team will guide the Ayurveda program which will take place in July in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital. We are looking forwards to this new program and we invite you all warmly to participate in this healing programs. Please spread the message.Thank you.

New Ayurveda programs in our Hospital

With the blessings of Swamiji we have successfully introduced an Ayruveda Pancha karma program at the Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital here in Jadan ,India. Our Pancha karma treatment will be under the guidance of Dr. Dheeraj Gehlot and his team of professionals.We offer eight different kinds of interesting Ayurveda treatment packages. The packages start a day before Gurupurnima on the 13th, second session on 28.of July 2011. For more detailled, specific information please write to me on our email address or see on the website

World Health Day -in our Hospital

On 7. April 11, the World Health Day, the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital organized a Health Awarness Talk in the Hospital itself. The topic was :”General health in daily life”. Dr. Jogendra Singh, MBBS and Doctor staff member, gave a speech in the central hall of the Hospital. In his program he spoke about general nursing and basic hygienic awareness in families. He gave also some important tips to the hospital staff for increasing better health for normal patients. All hospital staff, school members, teachers, students and patients where attending the program and get benefit out of it.
We try to educate people of the area to become more aware of health prevention.Because: Prevention is better than treatment!

Dr. Krisna G. Agarwal, physician, joined our hospital

We are very happy to announce that Dr.Krisna Gopal Agarwal ,MBBS, and MD physician, retired Medical Officer, Chest and Tuberculosis specialist, joint on the 1.of April our Hospital. He was working in Government Hospital for 30 years. The last years he gave his services to the Government Hospital in Nadol, distr. Pali. Due to his long years of medical experiences he is a big support for the treatment of our patients. He knows also many possibilities how to benefit from the advantages given by the Indian government to ill people. We welcome him and his wife warmly in our Hospital family.

Monday, March 28, 2011

See You tube Hospital Video with Sadhvi Shanti

Please see this video about SSM.Austria Hospital in Jadan- A speach of S. Shanti at X- Mas 2010 - LOVE - SERVE- GIVE- HELP OTHERS. thank you!and and share this video with others....

A documentary of the service of Love You too can save lives - Take your opportunity......LOVE- SHARE - GIVE - HELP OTHERS hands have more value than folded hands. (Swami Maheshwarananda)
Sadhvi Shanti Ji on Sri Swami Madhavandanda Austria Hospital

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dr. Radesh Vyas sergeant, joint our Hospital

On the camp day of 16.3. Dr.Radesh Vyas, from Jodhpur joint for the first time our hospital. He is a very experienced general sergeant, working more than 30 years in his profession.He visited the whole hospital and said: "You put so much effort in this hospital, now we have really to start running it in the best possible way. We will utilize all facilities which are here at present.You have a very good minor operation theater where we can perform all kind of little operations.I think we can do a lot to improve the health condition of this area." On same day Dr. Vyas inaugurated already the minor OT by performing a minor surgery on the hand of one of our school boys. We are happy to welcome him in our team!

Story of Jamuna Devi

„My name is Jamuna Devi. I m 40 years old housewife. I have five daughters. My husband is earning about 2000Rs per month which is shared by seven family members.
Five years ago I got eye problems. In the evening after 6pm I cannot see anything at night. I‘ m also working as labour sometimes and since last 2 years I developed problem in my left eye.
I could not see properly long distance and also short distance gave me more and more unclear and dull pictures. This worsten with time. I heard about your camp through ambulance loudspeakers passing through my village.
So this is how I came to know more about your hospital camp with free eye operations.
I was operated yesterday, March 16th, 2011. Today the bandage from my left eyes was removed.
I got special eye glasses. I am so happy because my vision is clear again.
I was diagnosed by General Practitioner of the hospital with big Vitamine A deficiency which is the cause of my night blindness.
I was diagnosed aneamic as well and he prescribed me Vit A and iron tablets to combat my deficiency and to improve my health. Next week I have my check up appointment.“
I am very thankfull to the Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital team for all help I received.

Free Megacamp at Jadan

On the 16th March 2011 we organized a Free Medical Camp with six doctors. It was inaugurated by Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Jasrajpuri with a puja and lightening of dipak. Our doctor team was: Dr. Radesh Vyas, general surgeant, Dr. Jogenra Singh, general doctor, Dr. A.K. Naval, general doctor, Dr. Goyal, eye specialist, Dr. Madhu Mathur , gynecologist and Dr. Abishek Dadich, dentist. The end result of the health camp was excellent. We had more than 500 patients receiving consultations and free medicines. They came from nearby villages, mostly iletrated farmer families for free help and treatments. Seven patients were selected for the eye operation. They were operated on the same day. Food and accamodation for the patients was given free by the Sri…. as well as the operations itself. Dr. Goyal and his professional team were giving treatment and operations. On the second day after the camp, hospital doctors did post- operative check up. They provided glasses as well. Thanks to your donations we could help all this needed 500 patients in this rural area. Please be so kind to help us also in the future.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are happy to announce that on 16.March 2011 we are organizing a big Medical camp with following Doctors: Dr. Rajesh Vyas, general surgeant, Dr.Madhu Mathur, gynaecologist, Dr. G.K.Goyal, ophtalmologist, Dr. Abhishek Dadich, dentist, Dr.A.K. Naval, general practitionner,Dr. Jogendra Singh, general practitionner.
Our Hospital team is already very busy to make advertisment under the guidance of PRO Mr. Ranjan. Our team makes advertisment in the nearby villages with car and loudspeaker as well as distribiution of thousands of pamphlets. We hope to have big success, because our Doctors told us that they want to have much to do – means many ill and suffering people should visit the hospital on the 16.March! All patients will have free consultations and medicines. We still need donators for this medicines, which will be approximatly about 150 euros. May be you could help us in this matter. Thank you. We will inform you about the response of the camp, which is specially dedicated to the needed and economical not fortunate people of the area.


The whole Hospital stuff celebrated the birthday of our Society and Hospital President Sadhvi Shanti Puri in a very warm and nice way. According to Indian Vedic tradition the members of the hospital made a MAHAMATRUANJAY JAAP puja in the central hall oft he Hospital. All stuff members took part in the Arati(prayer) and appreciate Sadhvijis efforts for the Hospital. With their best wishes they offered a statue of Lord Ganesha as a symbol of prosperity and remover of obsticles.

Girls Health Awareness Seminar in Ashram School

In Rajasthan the condition of women are not so good compared with big cities in the country, due to the lack of education and awareness about the general health. To make them aware and health conscious Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital organized Health Awareness Seminar especially for school teenager girls.
In February, S.S.M.A. Hospital arranged one seminar for the Shri Vishvadeep Gurukul Vidhayalay’s Girls. General Surgeon and Gynecologist Dr.Madhu Mathur addressed the seminar as an expert. In her one hour speech she explained basic anatomy of women body. She was interacting with the girls personally explaining them everything about General health awareness. About 300 girls took part in that health awareness seminar. Not only the teenager girls but also school lady teachers benefited from this programme. In the second part, question and answers time, the girls were asking many questions related to general health & basic awareness. According to one lady teacher, in her whole life and 15 years of teachings, this was her 1st time she attended this kind of educational program. Many of them had personal consultation with Dr. Mathur. At the end, everybody sends regards and big Thank You to Austria Hospital for providing such educational programme.

In the future, the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL will organize Health Check up programs for girls of different age for better Sukh Swasthya.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Story of Gypsyman Ashu Ram ji Devasi

"I am Ashu Ram, 80 years old, from the Devasi caste, a tribal Gypsy caste of Indian community, living at Rayiko Ki Dhani, Jadan, Dist. Pali in Rajasthan, India.
I am a very poor gypsy man having only 4 goats for making a living. My monthly income is only 50 rupees and in one year I get 4000-5000 rupees by selling these goats and sheep. I am living in a remote area which is far from any main road. I have four sons but they all are working and living in big cities and it is very rare that they come to Jadan village to see me. I am living with my wife, who is also very old and my 9 year old grandson, who lives with us and looks after me and my wife.
Due to this kind of poverty, it is very hard to survive at this time. I am not able to get any kind of medical treatment for my health, because my economic situation does not allow me to spend money on my health. But for the past year I faced many problems with my eyes, meaning I could not see properly.
Because I am a local villager and have passed many times in front of the hospital with my sheep and goats, I know about SRI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, but I was very afraid about hospital fees and extra expenses and charges for treatment. Day by day my left eye was becoming weaker and I was not able to see properly. One day I heard from other villagers that the hospital has good facilities of an Eye Doctor. Then I decided to come to the hospital and tell them about my economic situation.
I am very grateful to the whole Austria Hospital management and staff, who understood my economic problem and decided to provide me with free treatment. Dr. Goyal from Pali, did my checkup and found a cataract in my left eye. They decided to make an operation, but I didn’t have a relative with me except my 9 year old grandson, so I was bit afraid, money-wise and safety-wise too. Thankfully the AUSTRIA HOSPITAL solved all my problems and cleared my hesitation.
On a particular day I came to the hospital with my grandson, they admitted me and made a proper checkup and Dr. Goyal from Pali did my cataract operation free of charge. It was done properly and treatment was successful. The hospital provided me not only a free operation, but also free medicine, free accommodation, and free food for me and my grandson.
Thanks to SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL for these free services. My life is now back on track and I am very happy to see again the world full of light. The kindness and positive attitude of the hospital staff supported me greatly at that time, and they changed my thoughts too. Even now my grandson is familiar with the hospital and staff and he also wants to be a doctor and wants to do service for poor and needy people."