Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On 11th of September, the birthday of Holy Guruji, the biggest medical camp of this year took place in the hospital. Many villagers came to receive treatment, medication and consultation. We also offered Physiotherapy treatments, as the department just opened at that day.
The doctors from our hospital: Dr. Govind Marayan Arora (Senior Medical Doctor), Dr. Jogendra Singh (Junior Medical Doctor), Dr. Dr. Abhishek Dadhich (Dentist), Dr. Sidhant Joshi (Physiotherapist). Some doctors came from Pali and Jodhpur to help the needy ones of the area: Dr. Kailas Parihar (Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Rajesh Vyas (General Surgeon), Dr. G.K. Goyal (Opthalmologist).
The treatment of the doctors was highly appreciated by the villagers and approximately 200 came to receive medication, treatment and consultation. The mobile ambulance played a major role, as it brought the patients from the rural areas to the hospital. Three patients have been chosen for the free eye operations and two patients will receive surgery for free. The other patients could be helped with medication. We will provide free follow-up checkups to all patients that have been at that day in the hospital.
Throught the blessings of Holy Guruji, we can also announce great news: Dr. Kailas Parihar (Orthopedic Surgeon)will come for free each Sunday into the hospital to treat the villagers. Thanks for that!

A big thank you to all our donors which make these regular camps possible and thank you in advance for the support to come!

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