Friday, November 12, 2010

Mega Camp on 13.11. with 12 doctors and blood bank

Tomorrow,13.11.10, on the occasion of the Samadhi birthday of Sri Swami Madhavananda, we organize a very big camp in the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL. 13 medical specialized doctors from Ahamadabad, Jodhpur and Pali will come to give free consultations and medicines to needed patients. Also a Blood bank will be established coming from Pali.It is the biggest free camp which we organized till now.
Today we had a press conference which was attended by 11 journalists(also 2 TV channels came)to present the Hospital and the Mega Camp in particular.So we hope to have a good press response so that we will have many patients who trust in our medical services.

Camp in Shivpura - many eye patients

In our last camp on in Shivpura (village near Jadan) we had 40 eye patients. Out of them need cataract operations: Mrs.Shayar Khanwar,55 yrs., Mrs.Kanku Devi, 55 yrs., Mrs. Jani Devi, 70 yrs.,Mr. Mishri Lal, 65 yrs.The eye operations have been done on the same day, by Dr. Goyal, Eye specialist from Pali. On the photo you can see the four patients, who get the operation free and also the stay in our Hospital. They are very happy and all operations have been successful performed.Thank you for your help!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First plaster fixed in our Hospital

On 30.9.10 a student from Jadan Ashram school, Bhan Puri,17 old boy, broke his arm during sport activities in the school yard. He came to our hospital and he got the first plaster in our emergency department. On duty on this day was Dr.Vivek Bagoria, orthopedic sergeant, who fixed the plaster on his left arm. Bhan Puri was very happy that the treatment of his broken arm could take place so quickly. Because the school is only a few minutes far from the Hospital. He is very fine now.