Friday, November 12, 2010

Camp in Shivpura - many eye patients

In our last camp on in Shivpura (village near Jadan) we had 40 eye patients. Out of them need cataract operations: Mrs.Shayar Khanwar,55 yrs., Mrs.Kanku Devi, 55 yrs., Mrs. Jani Devi, 70 yrs.,Mr. Mishri Lal, 65 yrs.The eye operations have been done on the same day, by Dr. Goyal, Eye specialist from Pali. On the photo you can see the four patients, who get the operation free and also the stay in our Hospital. They are very happy and all operations have been successful performed.Thank you for your help!


  1. What a wonderful achievement . I have had both my eyes done and I know what a huge difference it will have made to these fortunate people

  2. really thanks to hospital give support to my village