Friday, August 26, 2011

Urgently Wanted: VOLUNTEERS

Who's ready to make a selfless service in the time of 23.10.-12.11. and 25.12.-08.01. in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital?
During this time we are offering our Pancha Karma Ayurveda Treatments and need for this helping hands with the organization and administration. Ayurveda knowledge is not required.
Furthermore we would need VOLUNTEERS for ongoing activities, such as administration, secretary duties but also specialists for mouth hygiene, hospital management etc.
Please contact me, S. Shanti, on
THANK YOU VERY MUCH - your contribution will help the needy ones!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ayurveda Special Diet

During the Ayurveda Pancha Karma Treatment it is important to have a special diet for better effect of the treatments.
Recommanded in this time are: fruits, juices, vegetables, salads, sprouds, nuts, coconut water etc. From the fruits the best is papeya, apple, orange, lichi, pear, sweet lemon. Some others are not recommanded like mangos and bananas. No sugar is used in this diet, only honey instead.
Moong Dhal, Kicheri, Rice, Dalia, curd, and special spices like fenugreek seeds, gira etc.are recommanded. All food is as natural and sattvish as possible and easy to digest. Also during the treatment we give special ayurvedic herbal teas to balance the koshas. We try our best to do the best - we are happy about your suggestions at any time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy about your Donations

Our Yoga group who was here in July and August 2011 gave us donations for our Hospital. They saw the need and gave generously. The management Sadhvi Shanti Puri and Ranjan Dave happily received the money and put it in the huge donation box. Thank you dear donors, friends and well wishers of the Hospital. We are in very good progress and have very good plans and decisions in this time. Soon we will inform you about it. Only with your help we are able to increase the investments and success of the Hospital.

Next Ayurveda Pr: 23.Oct.to12.Nov.& 8.Jan.12

We invite you all to come to our next Ayurveda program. In July about 7o persons attended the treatment facilities and get benefit out of it.In the photo: Dr. Dheeraj and Anoushe, our first patient on 13.7. Several people made a Pancha Karama therapy with a special diet prepared specially for them. From all treatments people enjoyed specially the Abhyangam (full body massage)an d the Sirodhara. We are looking forward to welcome you soon in our Ayurveda Center. Registration on : . Details on

AYURVEDA treatment started on 13th July

On Wednesday, the day of Lord Ganesha at 7h30 we started the Ayurveda treatment program with a puja dedicated to Sri Ganesha. Our Ayurveda team : Dr. Dheeraj Gehlot, his 2 stuff members, Chief Coordinator M. Ranjan Dave, Sadhvi Shanti as well as hospital stuff members were present. Immediately after we started with the first consultation, which was given to Mrs. Anoushe from Vienna.
She was also the first patient getting the Abhyanga massage on one of the 2 new Ayurveda massage tables, which where specially handmade in Jodhpur for our Ayurveda center. She enjoyed the treatment and will get a Pancha karma treatment and diet in the next days. Also Sirodhara treatment was performed on this day with buttermilk (because of the heat) on the second table with new Sirodhara pots.
Our whole team was very happy that the first day passed successfully and we had a very good response from the Yoga people coming for consultation and treatments. Our special thanks goes to the blessings we get for this work and to all who helped to make this Ayurveda weeks possible. We hope we will have a bright future through this kind of natural therapies. Because “The Nature cures” and this is the best prevention and treatment. Our next Ayurveda program will be in October – November and Dewcember 2011.

First operation in SSMA Hospital

Devkanya is a 17 years old girl from Marvar Junction, living in a farmer family, which is under the poverty line. Since her birth she had on both hands a handicap :the 4th and the 5th finger were not separated(see photo) due to this she could not work properly with her hands. Also she has a big struma (swelling of the thyroid gland). First time I met Devkanya in our Hospital camp in March 2011. She came with her parents searching for help because the family could not effort an operation for her. She was very depressive and I felt very sorry for her. So we tried to help her as much as possible. And really it was possible: on 2th of May 2011 our first operation in Hospital was done on Devkanyas fingers – and it was successful! Dr. Rajesh Vyas , general sergeant, with one Assistant and Anesthetist where operating 60 minutes on her right hand and separated the both joint fingers successfully.Now Devkanya can laugh again! The second hand will be operated some time later. We gave all treatment and operation free to her. Thank you all , dear friends and donors, for supporting this kind of charity activities. We wish Devkanya a happy, healthy and successful life.

People benefit in summer by Free Medical Camp

Rajasthan is well known for his desert climate as well as in summer session also. In May and June the temperature of heat are crossing 45*c. This kind of summer creates big problems for the villagers and their basic health. To provide them better medical services in that kind of atmosphere, Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital organized a “Free Medical Health Check up Camp” on 18th of May. It was Wednesday and the temperature was near about 42*c. But it seem that people really require that camp, because on that day a good number of patients came to our hospital and get relief by our well trained medical team. Austria hospital provides not only free consultation but also free medicines. The camp was inaugurated by Mm Swami Jasraj Puri Ji and till 2 o’clock we cured several patients from Heat stroke, loose motion, diaries, asthma and viral fever and many other diseases. We could help about 160 patients thanks to our excellent doctor team: Senior surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas, Physician Dr. K. G. Agarwal, Dr. Jogendra Singh Rajpurohit and Dental specialist Dr. Abhishek Dadhich. Eye Specialist Dr. G.K.Goyal also served on this camp with his team and people get relief from general eye diseases. Our medical staff team under the guidance of Mr. Ranjan Dave gave their best efforts to make the camp successful.