Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AYURVEDA treatment started on 13th July

On Wednesday, the day of Lord Ganesha at 7h30 we started the Ayurveda treatment program with a puja dedicated to Sri Ganesha. Our Ayurveda team : Dr. Dheeraj Gehlot, his 2 stuff members, Chief Coordinator M. Ranjan Dave, Sadhvi Shanti as well as hospital stuff members were present. Immediately after we started with the first consultation, which was given to Mrs. Anoushe from Vienna.
She was also the first patient getting the Abhyanga massage on one of the 2 new Ayurveda massage tables, which where specially handmade in Jodhpur for our Ayurveda center. She enjoyed the treatment and will get a Pancha karma treatment and diet in the next days. Also Sirodhara treatment was performed on this day with buttermilk (because of the heat) on the second table with new Sirodhara pots.
Our whole team was very happy that the first day passed successfully and we had a very good response from the Yoga people coming for consultation and treatments. Our special thanks goes to the blessings we get for this work and to all who helped to make this Ayurveda weeks possible. We hope we will have a bright future through this kind of natural therapies. Because “The Nature cures” and this is the best prevention and treatment. Our next Ayurveda program will be in October – November and Dewcember 2011.

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