Sunday, February 6, 2011

Story of Gypsyman Ashu Ram ji Devasi

"I am Ashu Ram, 80 years old, from the Devasi caste, a tribal Gypsy caste of Indian community, living at Rayiko Ki Dhani, Jadan, Dist. Pali in Rajasthan, India.
I am a very poor gypsy man having only 4 goats for making a living. My monthly income is only 50 rupees and in one year I get 4000-5000 rupees by selling these goats and sheep. I am living in a remote area which is far from any main road. I have four sons but they all are working and living in big cities and it is very rare that they come to Jadan village to see me. I am living with my wife, who is also very old and my 9 year old grandson, who lives with us and looks after me and my wife.
Due to this kind of poverty, it is very hard to survive at this time. I am not able to get any kind of medical treatment for my health, because my economic situation does not allow me to spend money on my health. But for the past year I faced many problems with my eyes, meaning I could not see properly.
Because I am a local villager and have passed many times in front of the hospital with my sheep and goats, I know about SRI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, but I was very afraid about hospital fees and extra expenses and charges for treatment. Day by day my left eye was becoming weaker and I was not able to see properly. One day I heard from other villagers that the hospital has good facilities of an Eye Doctor. Then I decided to come to the hospital and tell them about my economic situation.
I am very grateful to the whole Austria Hospital management and staff, who understood my economic problem and decided to provide me with free treatment. Dr. Goyal from Pali, did my checkup and found a cataract in my left eye. They decided to make an operation, but I didn’t have a relative with me except my 9 year old grandson, so I was bit afraid, money-wise and safety-wise too. Thankfully the AUSTRIA HOSPITAL solved all my problems and cleared my hesitation.
On a particular day I came to the hospital with my grandson, they admitted me and made a proper checkup and Dr. Goyal from Pali did my cataract operation free of charge. It was done properly and treatment was successful. The hospital provided me not only a free operation, but also free medicine, free accommodation, and free food for me and my grandson.
Thanks to SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL for these free services. My life is now back on track and I am very happy to see again the world full of light. The kindness and positive attitude of the hospital staff supported me greatly at that time, and they changed my thoughts too. Even now my grandson is familiar with the hospital and staff and he also wants to be a doctor and wants to do service for poor and needy people."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two New Faces

Year 2011 brings two new faces for Sri Swami Madahvananda Austria Hospital. Dr. Jogendra Singh Rajpurohit joins us as C.M.O., General Medicine. He completed his M.B.B.S. form Dr. S.N. Medical Collage, Jodhpur in 2010. According to 26 year old Jogendra, “Medical is not a profession for me it’s my hobby and I enjoy it.”
Mr. Ranjan Dave also joins us as Public Relation Officer. Mr.Ranjan having MBA in Mass Communication and also good work experience with TV media & PR. He belongs to Jodhpur and very soon he is going to submit his Ph.D. in literature from J N V University, Jodhpur.
Shi Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital wishes good luck for both of them and hope that they will do much effort as they can for the success of the Hospital. Welcome and Good Luck!

“If I can do then everybody can” – DR. ANAND PURI

Yes! A positive thought and working sprit can motivate anybody. Dr. ANAND PURI proved it very successfully. A great follower of Yoga in Daily Life from Croatia came to Jadan for the first time and set a perfect example of “SEVA” (selfless service).
Dr. Anand has spent more than 20 years of his life with Yoga in Daily Life. On his first trip to India he visited the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL in Jadan and offered to provide his medical professional services for free, such as: homeopathic treatment, acupuncture and acupressure, manipulative-chiropractic, Natural Medicine therapy, and a variety of therapeutic massage to local people and other visiting devotees.
Dr. Anand not only spent more than half a month here, working intensively each day, but also donated a DEFIBRILLTATOR Machine worth 20,000 Euro to the hospital. Most patients came to receive benefits from Dr. Anand’s Massage Therapy in the SSMA Hospital consultation rooms.
A 40 year old traditional medicine doctor, DR ENVER BERISA (Dr. Anand Puri), is an ideal role model for those who really want to contribute something worthwhile, useful and different. We hope that his efforts will also motivate others so that people come forward to help the needy people of remote areas of Rajasthan, at Austria Hospital in Jadan.
SRI SWAMI MADHVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL gives great thanks to Dr. ANAND PURI for providing a DEFIBRILLATOR and the medical staff trust that heart patients will definitely gain much benefit from it. We salute his selfless medical professional service, which he made here with perfect dedication in a very short time and we hope that many more devotees of Sri Mahaprabhuji will take the chance and join in with similar acts of seva and karma yoga.

"Treatment with kindness in Austria Hospital”

“Treatment with kindness means Austria Hospital,” says Gopalaram.
I am Gopalaram, a 40 year old shepherd from a village very near to Jadan, Pali. I have spent most of my life in and around my village. One day I was travelling on the road with my small flock of goats and sheep and a long thorn punctured my left foot. At the time I took it out my self and continued my work of grazing my flock.
However within a few days, my foot became quite painful and the wound became black and swollen. It was becoming difficult to walk. My family and friends gave some treatment using their knowledge of local herbs and plants, but there was not much improvement and actually it seemed to be getting worse.
I was advised I should go to a doctor in the city for medical treatment but I was very reluctant and afraid, as I am not going to the cities very often. But due to the condition of my foot it was necessary, so I went by bus to the nearest city to my village and found the hospital.
At the hospital I had a consultation with a doctor and he told me I should have so many tests and treatments and that if I didn’t do all of this I could lose my foot. I was very afraid and confused, and did not feel confident to decide about the treatments, so I actually left that hospital without taking any treatment at all.
Thank fully it was my good luck that someone suggested I go to the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, in Jadan, which is quite close to my village. When I arrived at the Austria Hospital I was taken to a doctor who discovered and diagnosed that the tip of the thorn was still in my foot and was creating the infection and swelling.
The doctor immediately made a small operation to remove the thorn and after cleaning the wound I remained in the Austria Hospital for one more day and was then quite well enough to return home with no more concerns about losing my foot!
My time at the Austria Hospital has completely changed my feelings about seeking medical assistance. I was treated with such respect and care by the hospital doctors and staff, and the operation and treatment was free of charge. I thank the Austria Hospital for their kind support and am very grateful that we have such a helpful hospital in our region to take care of village people like myself.

Health Awareness and Education

To provide good medical care is the aim of any hospital, but to raise people’s awareness about health, especially in remote areas of Rajasthan where provision of medical facilities is not as widespread as in the cities, is very challenging. But the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL is involved in both. The hospital is providing many health awareness programmes for the village people of Rajasthan.
To help raise public awareness, women from local villages were recently invited to visit the hospital. A group of 50 women came to Austria Hospital to learn about the medical health facilities which are available, as described by hospital staff, who took much interest in the visit.
The District of Pali and its surrounding area, known as “the fluoride belt”, has about 75% of people suffering with dental disease, so Dr. Abhishek Dadich and his team gave them basic education and information regarding general dental care and awareness. Dr. Abhishek also gave a dental demonstration and advised the ladies to avoid tobacco products.
The women were very surprised and impressed that they have such a high level of modern technology available in their own village. According to Aanganwadi Women’s Group volunteer Gita, “We are very lucky that the Austria Hospital is in our village and after visiting we are all very confident and much more conscious about our dental care and health.”
The group of ladies were also shown the computerised laboratory, pathology laboratory and the sterilisation section. Many of them received a check-up from the general surgeon and gynaecologist during their visit.