Saturday, February 5, 2011

Health Awareness and Education

To provide good medical care is the aim of any hospital, but to raise people’s awareness about health, especially in remote areas of Rajasthan where provision of medical facilities is not as widespread as in the cities, is very challenging. But the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL is involved in both. The hospital is providing many health awareness programmes for the village people of Rajasthan.
To help raise public awareness, women from local villages were recently invited to visit the hospital. A group of 50 women came to Austria Hospital to learn about the medical health facilities which are available, as described by hospital staff, who took much interest in the visit.
The District of Pali and its surrounding area, known as “the fluoride belt”, has about 75% of people suffering with dental disease, so Dr. Abhishek Dadich and his team gave them basic education and information regarding general dental care and awareness. Dr. Abhishek also gave a dental demonstration and advised the ladies to avoid tobacco products.
The women were very surprised and impressed that they have such a high level of modern technology available in their own village. According to Aanganwadi Women’s Group volunteer Gita, “We are very lucky that the Austria Hospital is in our village and after visiting we are all very confident and much more conscious about our dental care and health.”
The group of ladies were also shown the computerised laboratory, pathology laboratory and the sterilisation section. Many of them received a check-up from the general surgeon and gynaecologist during their visit.

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