Sunday, February 6, 2011

Story of Gypsyman Ashu Ram ji Devasi

"I am Ashu Ram, 80 years old, from the Devasi caste, a tribal Gypsy caste of Indian community, living at Rayiko Ki Dhani, Jadan, Dist. Pali in Rajasthan, India.
I am a very poor gypsy man having only 4 goats for making a living. My monthly income is only 50 rupees and in one year I get 4000-5000 rupees by selling these goats and sheep. I am living in a remote area which is far from any main road. I have four sons but they all are working and living in big cities and it is very rare that they come to Jadan village to see me. I am living with my wife, who is also very old and my 9 year old grandson, who lives with us and looks after me and my wife.
Due to this kind of poverty, it is very hard to survive at this time. I am not able to get any kind of medical treatment for my health, because my economic situation does not allow me to spend money on my health. But for the past year I faced many problems with my eyes, meaning I could not see properly.
Because I am a local villager and have passed many times in front of the hospital with my sheep and goats, I know about SRI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, but I was very afraid about hospital fees and extra expenses and charges for treatment. Day by day my left eye was becoming weaker and I was not able to see properly. One day I heard from other villagers that the hospital has good facilities of an Eye Doctor. Then I decided to come to the hospital and tell them about my economic situation.
I am very grateful to the whole Austria Hospital management and staff, who understood my economic problem and decided to provide me with free treatment. Dr. Goyal from Pali, did my checkup and found a cataract in my left eye. They decided to make an operation, but I didn’t have a relative with me except my 9 year old grandson, so I was bit afraid, money-wise and safety-wise too. Thankfully the AUSTRIA HOSPITAL solved all my problems and cleared my hesitation.
On a particular day I came to the hospital with my grandson, they admitted me and made a proper checkup and Dr. Goyal from Pali did my cataract operation free of charge. It was done properly and treatment was successful. The hospital provided me not only a free operation, but also free medicine, free accommodation, and free food for me and my grandson.
Thanks to SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL for these free services. My life is now back on track and I am very happy to see again the world full of light. The kindness and positive attitude of the hospital staff supported me greatly at that time, and they changed my thoughts too. Even now my grandson is familiar with the hospital and staff and he also wants to be a doctor and wants to do service for poor and needy people."


  1. Great Story. Congratulations to all involved to make this Operation as success and for all the Free Services. Keep up the Great Work.

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