Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Treatment with kindness in Austria Hospital”

“Treatment with kindness means Austria Hospital,” says Gopalaram.
I am Gopalaram, a 40 year old shepherd from a village very near to Jadan, Pali. I have spent most of my life in and around my village. One day I was travelling on the road with my small flock of goats and sheep and a long thorn punctured my left foot. At the time I took it out my self and continued my work of grazing my flock.
However within a few days, my foot became quite painful and the wound became black and swollen. It was becoming difficult to walk. My family and friends gave some treatment using their knowledge of local herbs and plants, but there was not much improvement and actually it seemed to be getting worse.
I was advised I should go to a doctor in the city for medical treatment but I was very reluctant and afraid, as I am not going to the cities very often. But due to the condition of my foot it was necessary, so I went by bus to the nearest city to my village and found the hospital.
At the hospital I had a consultation with a doctor and he told me I should have so many tests and treatments and that if I didn’t do all of this I could lose my foot. I was very afraid and confused, and did not feel confident to decide about the treatments, so I actually left that hospital without taking any treatment at all.
Thank fully it was my good luck that someone suggested I go to the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, in Jadan, which is quite close to my village. When I arrived at the Austria Hospital I was taken to a doctor who discovered and diagnosed that the tip of the thorn was still in my foot and was creating the infection and swelling.
The doctor immediately made a small operation to remove the thorn and after cleaning the wound I remained in the Austria Hospital for one more day and was then quite well enough to return home with no more concerns about losing my foot!
My time at the Austria Hospital has completely changed my feelings about seeking medical assistance. I was treated with such respect and care by the hospital doctors and staff, and the operation and treatment was free of charge. I thank the Austria Hospital for their kind support and am very grateful that we have such a helpful hospital in our region to take care of village people like myself.

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