Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marry Christmas and a happy New Year 2011!

The Hospital team wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a divine year 2011 with love, peace and prosperity. May you all be happy and spread the message of love and peace round the whole world.
Thank you for all your big support and wonderful help!
In the name of the Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital team
Sadhvi Shanti

How to promote the Hospital project

Show the new hospital presentation(on of the website and speak about.
How is doing Slovenian helpers: One person per yoga center takes care about the Hospital project .He(she) has all information, fliers, DVD – presentation, news etc.
"Once per month we make a 10 minute advertisement for the Hospital: in the middle of the program we show the Hospital presentation and distribute the flyers. If somebody wants to give support the same person is collecting the donations and the 10.Euros registration form". In Slovenia they made a badge with the logo ”YOU TOO CAN SAVE LIFES” and give as a present to the donor. Every coin is filling the pot!Every idea is most welcome!

Best Operation theater

The adjustment of the Operation theater:
We have to make some construction changes in the OT and we started to do it one week ago.The OT should have a high international standard with all possibilities for several kinds of surgery.
Urgently we need a Sonography machine (app. 16 000 euros) which is needed for the Urologist Surgeon as well as for Gynecologist and General Surgeon. A high quality Anesthesia machine is also required (app.25 000 euros) and other items like 2 defibrillators(4000 E) and 3 monitors(6000 E) for intensive care, as well as a ventilator for artificial respiration (see also what we need in
When the operation theater is ready different Surgeon already confirmed that they will come in the beginning for 1 or 2 days per month to operate here and give their services to the population. That’s a great thing and we are looking forward that this will happen soon!

No time to visit the doctors

In this time of the harvesting many farmers and labors are very busy and don’t have
time to come to such an occasion like the camp. Specially the MEDA (known as HENNA, see picture) is growing in this deserted area and can be collected in this time. Agriculture in Rajasthan is very difficult due to the hot climate of the desert.In this time the workers get a very high salary per hour for their herb collecting work. They are waiting the whole year for earning a large amount of money from henna harvesting. This Henna(used for red color spec. in cosmetics) is very famous and will be exported in the whole world. This is the basis for the prosperity of the farmers in the region and that’s why they put priority on their income and not on their health condition.

Camp advertisment - service for all

Advertisment for the free medical camps and the Hospital:
Two or three days before a camp is starting our car with 3 stuff members is making tours in the surrounding area for the advertisement and in the village itself where the camp takes place. They are speaking in loudspeakers and distributing the pamphlets. in all surrounding area The pamphlets with all details are prepared from our very active and excellent manager. M. Gelhot, who makes a great job. Our hospital team is very motivated and try its best to make our Hospital successful.

Sangeetas story as an eyepatient

On 13.11. seven patients where selected for free eye operations. Our ambulance drove them to Pali, where they have been operated. Thanks to your donations we have the possibilities to pay the costs of the operations and the stay of the patients in our hospital.
All operations where successful and all our patients left the Hospital in a happy mood looking forwards in a light future. Warmest thank to all of you!
Sangeeta Bhera Ramji, eye patient, her story
“ Iam a 30 old woman, labor, working in the fields, unmarried, living alone with my mother in Gundoj, a village 40km away from Jadan. Two years ago during my work in the fields, a stick of wood was pushed in my right eye, causing much pain. I didn’t go to any doctor for treatment of this injury. My right eye was burning and water flow out all the time and it was painful. I didn’t go to the doctor because still I could see. And I have to work to earn money for my mother and me. In the last 3 month my eyesight became worth. I could not see properly any more and was unable to do my work. Till 6 month my right eye became nearly blind. Thanks to God my brother Ramesh Garg gave us some money so that we could survive. My brother saw in the newspaper the announcement of the Camp in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital and that’s why I could come here. I have been operated on the 13.11. and I can see now on both eyes. I can not describe you how happy I am. The operation was successful, I can now live a normal life and I am not any more handicapped. “
Please donate for further eye operations. 1 operation cost only 30 Euros. Thank you.

Successful Megacamp in our Hospital

On 13.11.2010 the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital organized a MEGA CAMP (where consultations and medicines are given free) with 12 doctors of different specification in the hospital itself.
After the Press conference on Pali the camp has been announced in the main newspapers of the Pali district and many people came to know about the free and good medical treatment.
On this day an Ophthalmologist, a Gynecologist, a Pediatrician, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, an Orthopedic Surgeon and a General Surgeon, a Dermatologist, two Doctor of General Medicine, a Neuro - Physician, a Psychiatrist and a Dentist gave their selfless service for the needed one.
Also a blood bank was organized from Pali with the motto: DONATE BLOOD – SAVE LIFES. Blood donors where Indians as well as Europeans.
We had 1842 patients visiting on this day the camp, they came from all over the Pali district. This was the biggest camp which the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital was organizing till now in the Hospital itself. We decided to make such a Mega camp every year on the Mahasamadhi day of Sri Swami Madhavananda.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mega Camp on 13.11. with 12 doctors and blood bank

Tomorrow,13.11.10, on the occasion of the Samadhi birthday of Sri Swami Madhavananda, we organize a very big camp in the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL. 13 medical specialized doctors from Ahamadabad, Jodhpur and Pali will come to give free consultations and medicines to needed patients. Also a Blood bank will be established coming from Pali.It is the biggest free camp which we organized till now.
Today we had a press conference which was attended by 11 journalists(also 2 TV channels came)to present the Hospital and the Mega Camp in particular.So we hope to have a good press response so that we will have many patients who trust in our medical services.

Camp in Shivpura - many eye patients

In our last camp on in Shivpura (village near Jadan) we had 40 eye patients. Out of them need cataract operations: Mrs.Shayar Khanwar,55 yrs., Mrs.Kanku Devi, 55 yrs., Mrs. Jani Devi, 70 yrs.,Mr. Mishri Lal, 65 yrs.The eye operations have been done on the same day, by Dr. Goyal, Eye specialist from Pali. On the photo you can see the four patients, who get the operation free and also the stay in our Hospital. They are very happy and all operations have been successful performed.Thank you for your help!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First plaster fixed in our Hospital

On 30.9.10 a student from Jadan Ashram school, Bhan Puri,17 old boy, broke his arm during sport activities in the school yard. He came to our hospital and he got the first plaster in our emergency department. On duty on this day was Dr.Vivek Bagoria, orthopedic sergeant, who fixed the plaster on his left arm. Bhan Puri was very happy that the treatment of his broken arm could take place so quickly. Because the school is only a few minutes far from the Hospital. He is very fine now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Only 1 Doctor for 7582 people in distr. Pali!

Our NEW HOSPITAL PRESENTATION is waiting on you! You can see how far we are in the hospital – thanks to your generous help!
Please click on the front page of our website – button:new presentation – here you can see it –After seeing it you will understand why our medical support in this area of India is so important!
M. Gelhot and me where working many hours to present you this informations and photos.All datas which are given inside - like there is in ditr. Pali only 1 med. doctor for 7582 people where checked very seriously in the data base.
Please help us to spread the message of the Hospital project by showing the presentation to other friends.Thank you.


Our hospital has now already several facilities:
*Emergency with 24 hours services
*OPD for all cases
*General doctors: Dr.Jagdish Bhati and Dr.A.K.Nawal
*Indoor facilities
*Eye department with Dr.Goyal, eye specialist, and Ashok Malviya,opthometrist
*Dental department with Dr.Abishek and team
*Labaratory with modern equipment
Thanks to the excellent managment of M.S.Ghelot and the engagment of all team members we are progressing day by day.
We plan to open the surgery department on 14. of november.
May be you can arrange to come here in this time?It will be a great event and we will be happy to welcome you in the Hospital - as guest of course!

Camps in the villages

Camps are held in the nearby villages – the people get free consultations and medicines . Our Ambulance car with some stuff members and doctors are going with. Every Friday from 9am to 12am we have a mobile camp on different places of Pali district.Tomorrow we will have this mobile camp in a place near Jadan Ashram in an industrial area, for the workers of a steel company.In all this places you can see the health situation of the local population and their life situation, which is not easy at all.

Our activities for EYE PATIENTS IN the Hospital:

In the Hospital we provide also free Camp - we give:
• Free consultation with doctors of different specialties on certain days of the week. Every Saturday Dr.Goyal, eye doctor, give services to all those who have eye problems.
• Screening & selecting patients for eye operations
Now also an ophtalmologist has join us and is here every day.
We have a new Refractometer for exact diagnosis of the eye diseases.
We plan for later on to have our own eye operation theater - only the investment is quite high- but it will come- because we feel the necessity of this medical facility.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CAMP in Dhinavas, village near Jadan

On 28. July a Mela(big festival) for Ram Dev,a lokal diety, was held in Dhinavas, a village near Jadan.People come ther by foot from all parts of the land.
Our MOBILE CAMP UNIT was also there for servicing the people attending the Mela.
We had 293 patients coming to our 2 doctors. free medicines where given.Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasrajpuri from Om Ashram Jadan was most welcomed in the festival and he made also a lot of advertisement for the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital. Slowly the population of Pali comes to know about the activities of our hospital.

Eye operation is possible - thanks to your help!

Mrs. Ichuqui Jaiiya from Sojat, widow since 10 years, no children, 65a old, husband was shoemaker. She has no income, no work. Since 3 month she develops blindness on both eyes. She was operated on 26.July and now she is able to see again with both eyes! Thanks to your support and help!
Every Saturday comes now an ophthalmologist, Dr. Goyal for some hours in our Hospital to treat patients. Also he checks which patients need to have an eye operation – so another time they will be operated.
Every Friday also we organize now a free medical camp in the surrounding villages for those who need medical help – and this are many! (see also the pictures in the gallery of the website)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

FREE MEDICAL CAMP on 26. July 2010

On 26. July 10, the Guru Purnima Day, we started a free medical camp with 6 doctors and medical stuff. 850 attained the camp, had consultation and where treated.Medicines where given for free, thanks to sponsoring. Our new Hospital team was organizing everything very good and the message of our Hospital will spread in the area.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A very good New: 2 very experienced and serious managers are working since last week in the hospital to organize the general starting of the Hospital: M.S. Hardyesh Gehlot and M. Vipin Pareek. They have very good ideas and plan for the running of the hospital. We bring now in function the radiology department as well as the laboratory, reception etc. Our stuff will increase up to 18 members now incl. two doctors and one dentist.
NOTE: ON GURUPURNIMA the 26. July 2010 will be the OFFICIAL GENERAL STARTING OF THE SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL. On this day we offer a free camp for all visitors of the Ashram and 6 different doctors will be in charge to help the patients.On 25.7. a Mobile Medical Unit will go in surrounding villages to give medical service there. See our next blog post! and suscribe on this blog so you get always the last information.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why so many eye diseases in Rajasthan?

The causes for severe eye diseases and blindness in Rajasthan are:
+ infections due to poor hygiene conditions
+ lack of vitamin A, needed for the retina of the eye
+ Sunlight. Near Jodhpur,the "sun city", in Metania,is the village with the most sun days of the world!
+ people don't protect their eyes with glasses
+ people work the whole day in the fields without eye protection
+ the ultra violet light of the sun and the heat causes coagulation of the protein of the eye lenses, and blindness due to cataract disease is the consequence.
+ diabetes rate is high
That´s why examination and treatment from eye specialists is needed.And prevention of course too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dental camp in Sarowar

Dr. Abishek, dental sergeant of our hospital, attended the dental camp in Sarowar, just a few hours in the south of Jadan. He examined 200 people in need. The most part of them will be treated in the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital.We have already 2 modern, well equipped dental chairs there, for all kind of therapies.The dental camp was announced in the local newspapers and was very successful.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The first patient on the new Dental chair was SWAMI AVATARPURI, who was really a brave,peaceful and very good patient.He is now an example for all other children. He was also the first one to GIVE a DONATION in the donation box, which stood very secretly in the dental department. He came in the room and first thing he did: he emptied all his pockets from money which he had collected before. It was a big surprise, because before many people where already there - but no one gave a donation. So Swami Avatarpuri is a very special young Sadhu with a big heart!

Jadan Health Program

In December 2009 started the JADAN HEALTH PROGRAM. In this program the children of the Jadan school will be instructed about ways to maintain good health. The first lecture was about dental hygiene. It will be followed by the topic - "What is healthy vegeterian food". The children and the teacher accepted the program with lot of joy!And some of them had for the first time a toothbrush in their hands.