Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Successful Megacamp in our Hospital

On 13.11.2010 the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital organized a MEGA CAMP (where consultations and medicines are given free) with 12 doctors of different specification in the hospital itself.
After the Press conference on Pali the camp has been announced in the main newspapers of the Pali district and many people came to know about the free and good medical treatment.
On this day an Ophthalmologist, a Gynecologist, a Pediatrician, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, an Orthopedic Surgeon and a General Surgeon, a Dermatologist, two Doctor of General Medicine, a Neuro - Physician, a Psychiatrist and a Dentist gave their selfless service for the needed one.
Also a blood bank was organized from Pali with the motto: DONATE BLOOD – SAVE LIFES. Blood donors where Indians as well as Europeans.
We had 1842 patients visiting on this day the camp, they came from all over the Pali district. This was the biggest camp which the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital was organizing till now in the Hospital itself. We decided to make such a Mega camp every year on the Mahasamadhi day of Sri Swami Madhavananda.

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