Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Hospital staff wish you a Happy New Year 2012!

In Rajasthan weather is very different from weather in Europe. In daytime we have 20 degrees and more, nighttime may be 12 degrees. It is pleasant to visit India in this time because sun is shining the whole day!
We invite you dear friends and donors to visit us so that we can meet personally and you can see our work. We are open for your ideas and suggestions and wish to meet you.You are always most welcome!
Thank you for helping in this Hospital project so that we can help the needy one of this rural area.
We wish you a Happy New Year 2012, good health, peace and happiness.
In the name of our team Ranjan Dave, Chief Coordinator

See from left to right:-
1.Mrs. Fully Bai : Ward Lady 2.Miss Usha Vaishnav : Nursing In charge 3.Mr. Anil Sharma : Lab & X Ray In charge 4. Dr. A. K. Nawal : Medical Officer 5.Mr. Ranjan Dave : Chief Coordinator 6. Dr.Abhishek Dadhich : Dentist 7.Mr. LaduRam : Pharmacy Person/Boy 8.Miss Chitrangna Amravat : Receptionist 9. Dr. G.N. Arora : Senior Medical Officer 10.Mr. Balveer Singh : Nursing Staff 11.Mr. Narendra Kumar : Ward Boy 12.Mr. Arjun pandit : Housekeeping Staff

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free Medical Check Up Camp at Khardi Village on 15 th Dec.

On the eve of Mahasamadhi day of Shree Deep Narayan Mahaprabhji the Hospital staff went to the Khardi village, which is a few kilometers far from our hospital. More than 250 patient get free consultation and treatment. We also provided them free medicine, general nursing and some laboratory tests. Dentist Dr.Abhishek Dadhich and Senior Doctor Dr. G.N. Arora where this time more than six hours in the village so that all people could get benefit of their medical help. Both tried their best to serve the villagers. Thanks to all our supporter and donors who are making big efforts to improve the Rural Health Condition in Rajasthan.

We got a top washing machine from our friends in Villach!

Archna, who is nurse in an emergency department in a big hospital of Villach, Kärtnen, South of Austria, was this year in India and visited our hospital. When she realized that we are giving the laundry of the hospital to a washman in the village, who is washing the bed sheets by hand and drying in the sun, she spontaneously decided to try to get donations in Austria for a proper washing machine. She was asking in the hospital where she is working doctors, colleges, friends to support this activity and she was quite successful. Even her two children 14 and 16 years old donated some of their pocket money for the machine. When Sadhvi Shanti came to Villach on 9. Dec. with a photo presentation of Mt. Kailash, she could give her the donation of 540 Euros to buy a good washing machine with all programs, so that the bed sheets can be washed now with 95 degrees. We thank her very much. Also we thank to Bhaktanand, who is every year organizing with great success a flee market for our hospital. Big thanks to Villach donors and active helpers!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mangilal get relieve from kneeproblems, thanks to Dr. Parihar

Mangilal Ram is a farmer from Sonia, distr. Pali, who had problems with his knees since five years with pain and swelling over the left knee. He visited many different doctors but he didn’t get relieve from his pain. Even three times an aspiration of the joint was done, where fluid was aspirated, but nothing helped till now. Two weeks ago Dr.Parihar, Orthopedic Surgeon, examined him and gave him a good healing plan: he prescribed him Analgesics and medicines for a few days to reduce the swelling and pain, but recommended him specially to make Physiotherapy for 6 month, 3 times per week. And he promised him that if he will make this exercises regularly and come to the Electro Physiotherapy, he will be better very soon. He is coming now in our Physiotherapy center where he gets best treatment with Electrotherapy, Ultrasound and exercises. He is already much better, following strictly the advice of the doctor, making his exercises with great discipline. We wish him all the best for his completely recovery.

Story:Mangala Ram’s hand was saved

“I am so lucky and thankful to Austria Hospital because I got the chance to get the treatment here and so my right hand thumb was saved.” These are words of Mangala Ram, a poor farmer of KANVAS Village. Mangala Ram is a 45 years old farmer, working as a Thrasher on a trashing machine.
‘’I started to work in the morning of the 16. Nov., as usual, but all of a sudden my hand slipped in the machine, I felt a terrible pain and everything was completely full with blood within a second. It seems to me that I lost my fingers and I was very afraid about this. I have 2 children and a family which I have to feed, who will help them if I cannot work anymore? Another worker, who was beside me, put a thick piece of cloth over my hand and tried to find a possibility to reach a doctor. It was a terrible time for me, I cannot think on this anymore.’’ In rural area it is very difficult to find quickly a public transportation. So he started to walk with his college, who supported him, to the nearest bus stop and so they reached the SSMA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, JADAN. Our hospital team attended him already as he was announced as Emergency Patient. We immediately put him into the Minor Operation Theater and our doctor started with the treatment. He had a major and deep cut on his right hand side thumb. Before stitching his thumb was looking almost like it was separated from the other part of the hand and we were all afraid that the thumb would be lost. But the Doctor made 5 stitches inside and 5 stitches from outside and saved his hand with the thumb on it. We were all glad about it. We kept the farmer for another day in the hospital for observation, but all went fine and no problem occurred in the healing process afterwards.
It took of course some time till the deep wound healed completely, but Mangala Ram was so happy that he kept his thumb and can continue to work as a Trasher in the future. ’’Thank you all team of hospital, you saved my life and the future of my family.’’ Mangala Ram got the treatment at the right time and we could save his hand thanks to God. Now he is very happy and our hospital team is happy with him.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year 2012

Dear friends, donors, members, well wisher and friends of the SRI SWAMI MADHAVANANDA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL . From all our heart we wish you a calm and peaceful Christmas festival with beautiful time with your family and friends. May the Year 2012 bring you happiness, wealth and good health. In the name of the Hospital organization and also in the name of all members of the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Jadan, India, we want to thank you for your generous support and help. In 2011 we could make a good progress and thanks to your help give free eye operations, medical camps, make new medical investments and also open 2 new departments of Physiotherapy and Ayurveda therapy. We hope that also in the next year you will support our project, which is also your project because ‘’Together we are strong’’. Thank you for helping the needy one in Rajasthan.
S. Shanti in the name of Hospital organization and SSMA Hospital in Jadan

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Help is needed for english/german &german/english translation

May be you can help us? We need to translate sometimes for the Hospital from english to german and another time from german to english.
In the moment we search urgently somebody to translate the small vegetarian cooking booklets , which Eva(Gayatri) from Vienna was writing. They are in German but we want to distribute them also in English so that many people will have access to this excellent, very practical and healthy cook booklets.
We hope that St Claus will provide us this help!
Thank you in advance, greetings from the healthy food team of Vienna.

'When Gods are dancing'': charity event in Vienna

We had in Vienna on Tuesday 29.11.11.evening a wonderful INDIAN DANCE evening with BHAKTI DEVI (Indische Tanzschule Bharatnatyam), who gave a perfect dance performance. We were all very impressed about her dance abilities and enjoyed very much the whole program. With Jasmin as speaker, Bhavani and Nidhi from the dance school and Bhakti Devi we were witnessing the ancient dances in honor of Lord Shiva and other Goddesses. It was a charity event and the donations are going to the Jadan Hospital(Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital). A dentist friend of Sadhvi Shanti was sponsoring the evening and many of his patients were enjoying the performance. We are very thankful for all the kindness, support and help we got on this evening to give medical help to the needy one in Rajasthan.

Sadhvi Shanti in Ukraine: Meditation seminar for Hospital

Yoga in daily life society of Cherkassy invited Sadhvi Shanti to hold a weekend-seminar on the subject of “MEDITATION – the way to happiness”. The seminar took place in the medical centre “Astra” in Cherkassy. The Saints of India brought the spiritual heritage of Yoga and Meditation to the world. Self-realization is the aim of all yoga paths. Meditation is the best tool to reach this aim, which is achievable for everyone. We practiced different techniques from Yoga in daily life, like asanas , concentration and different levels of “Self-Inquiry Meditation”. During the lectures we were recommended to study the ancient scriptures of Upanishads, Bhagvat-Gita, Adi Guru Shankaracharya and the books of “Yoga in daily life”, written by Swami Maheshwarananda. In satsangs, after interpretation, we were all chanting mantras, singing bhajans, especially those in connection with Meditation and Self-realization, like Shivoham and Cidananda Rupa Shivoham . The income of the whole program is going to the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Jadan, India to help the needy one.

A real Xmas story: Only God can heal

Dr. Radesh Vyas, our general surgeon of the Hospital, told me the following story, which he experienced some years ago: “I was in night duty in the Manadhari Hospital in Jodhpur. Suddenly in the middle of the night we had 2 emergency cases one after the other, with an interval of half an hour. The first patient was a very rich man who had a severe heart attack and he was in danger of life. Immediately they shifted him in the Emergency room and gave him all ever possible medicines and infusions to maintain his life. You must know that there is no health insurance in India and people have to pay their medicines themselves. For the family of the rich man this was not a problem and he got all costly medicines and best treatments, to save his life.
After thirty minutes another patient was admitted: it was a poor farmer who had as well a severe heart attack, which could cost his life. He had lots of pain and was in bed condition. His son came with him to take care of him. After the emergency treatment the doctor recommended a very good but also very costly medicine for the farmer. His son was very sad because he didn’t have the money for it and he felt helpless. So he went out of the room and phoned to several friends and wealthier people with the request to give him money to save his father´s life. But he was not successful and didn’t find anyone to help to buy the right medicines for his father. So the doctors could give only symptomatically treatment to him, with painkillers, sedative and infusions, but could not give the really effective medicines to remove the blockage in the vessels of his heart, due to lack of money. I tried my best to take care of the patient and spoke with his son as well to console him, telling him that everything is possible and that he should not give up hope. But I personally didn’t have much hope that the poor man would survive. In the meantime the rich man was treated with all possible medical care in the intensive care.
Next morning when I started visiting the patients the son came to me, looking very exhausted and nervous. I was thinking that he will tell me now that his father passed away this night. But I was completely surprised because the son was just asking for some breakfast for his father. I asked him:“What is with your father? How is his condition?”- ”Well you know, after we understood that we don’t have a chance for best medicines, Dad started to repeat the name of God. So the whole night he was praying and chanting “OM NAMO SHIVAYA, OM NAMO SHIVAYA, OM NAMO SHIVAYA…… “repeating the whole night this mantra. After some time Dad get much better, he didn’t feel any more pain in the chest, could breathe normally, and felt much better.’’ I couldn’t believe this and we made an ECG and blood test for controlling his heart activity. And by miracle all health parameters where much better! The father looked to me, smiled and said: “See Lord Shiva saved me in this night, he gave me a new life. I am so thankful for this.”We were all were very happy, praising God for this miracle.
In the meantime in the Intensive care some time before the rich man passed away. Even so he gets all costly and super medical care his life could not be saved. His time on this world was over.
Medicine can only help. God is the biggest healer. Through his blessings everything is possible.

First Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp

The First Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp on 10.Nov.11 was very successful. Dr. AJAY SINGH PARIHAR, MCH , Orthopedic surgeon from Jodhpur, trained in UK, and his team where looking after a big number of patients. Dr. Parihar is specialized on knee replacement and got his training in UK. He came with 3 of his best staff members. On that day patients got free Physiotherapy facilities and important exercise tips by the Physiotherapy consultant Dr. Mohammed Imran and Dr. Siddant Joshi. Many villagers came to the camp, searching for help. Due to extremely hard work in the fields many villagers here have severe joint problems and are in need of good diagnosis and treatment.
In the area we have only 2 Orthopedic surgeon for about 20000 people. We hope for the future that we can find an Orthopedic Doctor coming to our hospital once the week at least, because people need urgently their help. We would be also very happy if some European Orthopedic doctor would join us for a certain time to increase the medical help for the needy one in the rural area.
Other doctors giving their best services in this camp were: General Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas, General Medical Doctor Dr. G.N.Arora gave to all 200 patients free medicines(donated by European visitors). On this Camp Our Volunteer Dentist Dr. Anita Sukla(UK) worked together with Dr. Abhishek Dadhich, our Hospital dentist. Eye specialist Dr. G. K. Goyal & team provided their services and 6 patients were selected for free cataract operation. We thank all who helped and sponsored this very important camp. Please help also in the future with only 30 EUR to give free eye operations to the needy one.