Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Story:Mangala Ram’s hand was saved

“I am so lucky and thankful to Austria Hospital because I got the chance to get the treatment here and so my right hand thumb was saved.” These are words of Mangala Ram, a poor farmer of KANVAS Village. Mangala Ram is a 45 years old farmer, working as a Thrasher on a trashing machine.
‘’I started to work in the morning of the 16. Nov., as usual, but all of a sudden my hand slipped in the machine, I felt a terrible pain and everything was completely full with blood within a second. It seems to me that I lost my fingers and I was very afraid about this. I have 2 children and a family which I have to feed, who will help them if I cannot work anymore? Another worker, who was beside me, put a thick piece of cloth over my hand and tried to find a possibility to reach a doctor. It was a terrible time for me, I cannot think on this anymore.’’ In rural area it is very difficult to find quickly a public transportation. So he started to walk with his college, who supported him, to the nearest bus stop and so they reached the SSMA AUSTRIA HOSPITAL, JADAN. Our hospital team attended him already as he was announced as Emergency Patient. We immediately put him into the Minor Operation Theater and our doctor started with the treatment. He had a major and deep cut on his right hand side thumb. Before stitching his thumb was looking almost like it was separated from the other part of the hand and we were all afraid that the thumb would be lost. But the Doctor made 5 stitches inside and 5 stitches from outside and saved his hand with the thumb on it. We were all glad about it. We kept the farmer for another day in the hospital for observation, but all went fine and no problem occurred in the healing process afterwards.
It took of course some time till the deep wound healed completely, but Mangala Ram was so happy that he kept his thumb and can continue to work as a Trasher in the future. ’’Thank you all team of hospital, you saved my life and the future of my family.’’ Mangala Ram got the treatment at the right time and we could save his hand thanks to God. Now he is very happy and our hospital team is happy with him.

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