Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp

The First Bone and Joint Pain relief Medical Camp on 10.Nov.11 was very successful. Dr. AJAY SINGH PARIHAR, MCH , Orthopedic surgeon from Jodhpur, trained in UK, and his team where looking after a big number of patients. Dr. Parihar is specialized on knee replacement and got his training in UK. He came with 3 of his best staff members. On that day patients got free Physiotherapy facilities and important exercise tips by the Physiotherapy consultant Dr. Mohammed Imran and Dr. Siddant Joshi. Many villagers came to the camp, searching for help. Due to extremely hard work in the fields many villagers here have severe joint problems and are in need of good diagnosis and treatment.
In the area we have only 2 Orthopedic surgeon for about 20000 people. We hope for the future that we can find an Orthopedic Doctor coming to our hospital once the week at least, because people need urgently their help. We would be also very happy if some European Orthopedic doctor would join us for a certain time to increase the medical help for the needy one in the rural area.
Other doctors giving their best services in this camp were: General Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Vyas, General Medical Doctor Dr. G.N.Arora gave to all 200 patients free medicines(donated by European visitors). On this Camp Our Volunteer Dentist Dr. Anita Sukla(UK) worked together with Dr. Abhishek Dadhich, our Hospital dentist. Eye specialist Dr. G. K. Goyal & team provided their services and 6 patients were selected for free cataract operation. We thank all who helped and sponsored this very important camp. Please help also in the future with only 30 EUR to give free eye operations to the needy one.

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