Saturday, December 3, 2011

A real Xmas story: Only God can heal

Dr. Radesh Vyas, our general surgeon of the Hospital, told me the following story, which he experienced some years ago: “I was in night duty in the Manadhari Hospital in Jodhpur. Suddenly in the middle of the night we had 2 emergency cases one after the other, with an interval of half an hour. The first patient was a very rich man who had a severe heart attack and he was in danger of life. Immediately they shifted him in the Emergency room and gave him all ever possible medicines and infusions to maintain his life. You must know that there is no health insurance in India and people have to pay their medicines themselves. For the family of the rich man this was not a problem and he got all costly medicines and best treatments, to save his life.
After thirty minutes another patient was admitted: it was a poor farmer who had as well a severe heart attack, which could cost his life. He had lots of pain and was in bed condition. His son came with him to take care of him. After the emergency treatment the doctor recommended a very good but also very costly medicine for the farmer. His son was very sad because he didn’t have the money for it and he felt helpless. So he went out of the room and phoned to several friends and wealthier people with the request to give him money to save his father´s life. But he was not successful and didn’t find anyone to help to buy the right medicines for his father. So the doctors could give only symptomatically treatment to him, with painkillers, sedative and infusions, but could not give the really effective medicines to remove the blockage in the vessels of his heart, due to lack of money. I tried my best to take care of the patient and spoke with his son as well to console him, telling him that everything is possible and that he should not give up hope. But I personally didn’t have much hope that the poor man would survive. In the meantime the rich man was treated with all possible medical care in the intensive care.
Next morning when I started visiting the patients the son came to me, looking very exhausted and nervous. I was thinking that he will tell me now that his father passed away this night. But I was completely surprised because the son was just asking for some breakfast for his father. I asked him:“What is with your father? How is his condition?”- ”Well you know, after we understood that we don’t have a chance for best medicines, Dad started to repeat the name of God. So the whole night he was praying and chanting “OM NAMO SHIVAYA, OM NAMO SHIVAYA, OM NAMO SHIVAYA…… “repeating the whole night this mantra. After some time Dad get much better, he didn’t feel any more pain in the chest, could breathe normally, and felt much better.’’ I couldn’t believe this and we made an ECG and blood test for controlling his heart activity. And by miracle all health parameters where much better! The father looked to me, smiled and said: “See Lord Shiva saved me in this night, he gave me a new life. I am so thankful for this.”We were all were very happy, praising God for this miracle.
In the meantime in the Intensive care some time before the rich man passed away. Even so he gets all costly and super medical care his life could not be saved. His time on this world was over.
Medicine can only help. God is the biggest healer. Through his blessings everything is possible.

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