Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mangilal get relieve from kneeproblems, thanks to Dr. Parihar

Mangilal Ram is a farmer from Sonia, distr. Pali, who had problems with his knees since five years with pain and swelling over the left knee. He visited many different doctors but he didn’t get relieve from his pain. Even three times an aspiration of the joint was done, where fluid was aspirated, but nothing helped till now. Two weeks ago Dr.Parihar, Orthopedic Surgeon, examined him and gave him a good healing plan: he prescribed him Analgesics and medicines for a few days to reduce the swelling and pain, but recommended him specially to make Physiotherapy for 6 month, 3 times per week. And he promised him that if he will make this exercises regularly and come to the Electro Physiotherapy, he will be better very soon. He is coming now in our Physiotherapy center where he gets best treatment with Electrotherapy, Ultrasound and exercises. He is already much better, following strictly the advice of the doctor, making his exercises with great discipline. We wish him all the best for his completely recovery.

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