Monday, January 4, 2010

Jadan Health Program

In December 2009 started the JADAN HEALTH PROGRAM. In this program the children of the Jadan school will be instructed about ways to maintain good health. The first lecture was about dental hygiene. It will be followed by the topic - "What is healthy vegeterian food". The children and the teacher accepted the program with lot of joy!And some of them had for the first time a toothbrush in their hands.


  1. Vision Statement of Jadan Hospital

    Provide humanizing care, considering the dignity of the person. We strive for the healing of the total person-physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being.
    Ensure preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care to all, particulary the poor and marginalized through enabling processes.
    Having received the mandate from the almighty GOD, the devine healer and urged on by his compassionate love, the JADAN HOSPITAL in India envisages a just, peaceful and healthy society, where people, especially the poor and marginalized attain and maintain holistic well being and live in harmony with the creator, with self, with one another and with the environment.