Thursday, September 16, 2010

Only 1 Doctor for 7582 people in distr. Pali!

Our NEW HOSPITAL PRESENTATION is waiting on you! You can see how far we are in the hospital – thanks to your generous help!
Please click on the front page of our website – button:new presentation – here you can see it –After seeing it you will understand why our medical support in this area of India is so important!
M. Gelhot and me where working many hours to present you this informations and photos.All datas which are given inside - like there is in ditr. Pali only 1 med. doctor for 7582 people where checked very seriously in the data base.
Please help us to spread the message of the Hospital project by showing the presentation to other friends.Thank you.

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  1. sorry... i was not able to change the red color and the underlining in the last post-- don´t worry about - nobody is perfect! life is a lifelong shanti