Friday, September 16, 2011

Patient from our Camp suffers from Hyperfluoris

Achla Ram, a 65 year old farmer from Khardi (a nearby village), came to the hospitals’ free medical camp, as he suffered from chronicle bronchitis. When we saw him, one of the first things we recognized was his strongly twisted spine. Mr. Ram walked with a cane and could not walk upright. He appeared to be older than he really was.
We were quite shocked when we heard, that 10 years ago he has been in a governmental hospital due to his joint and back pain. Unfortunately they did not examine him properly and treated him only symptomatically. Back then it would have probably been possible to stop the expansion of the hyperfluorosis.
Our doctors at the camp could now only treat his bronchitis and give him some relief from his joint and back pain. It was too late to stop the hyperfluorosis.
Such stories show, how hard life can be in this part of India. Even diseases that could be easily treated in Europe can have severe effects here. Apart from the non-existence of medical services, the other main reasons are the poor and unbalanced diet as well as the lack of clean water. We are very sorry that we could not do more for Mr. Ram, but we were also confirmed in our plans to expand the preventive programs for a healthy diet and lifestyle, to raise the awareness towards it already at an early age (e.g. schoolchildren).

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