Sunday, September 25, 2011

Free eye operation: Mishri Bai can see again

Mishri Bai (on the picture with her husband Mangi Lal), a 40 year old woman from the village Sojat City, had her second eye operated after the free Medical Camp of our Hospital. Mishri Bai’s husband is a cobbler and has a very small shop beside a road in a small town. They are having six children, three boys and three girls, who are all older than 12 years. The family does not have a lot of money and the life is difficult for them.
Although Mishri Bai was cleaning and helped with other work in several houses, she faced the problem that due to her weak eyesight, she could not work as much as before. Mishri already had an eye operation on her left eye about 9 years ago, but in recent years she was also seeing less and less on her right eye.
When the family received the pamphlet for the free Medical Camp, they were very happy. They approached the SSMA Hospital and Mishri was chosen for the free eye operation. After the successful operation she was able to see clearly on both eyes again and after a couple of days she could go back to work, which is very important for the income of her family. Mishri Bai expressed her gratitude to the great work of the doctors and staff of SSMA hospital and also we want to say thank you to all our donors who made this operation possible! Please help us also in the future, so that we can treat the needy ones of the area.

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