Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Megacamp at Jadan

On the 16th March 2011 we organized a Free Medical Camp with six doctors. It was inaugurated by Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Jasrajpuri with a puja and lightening of dipak. Our doctor team was: Dr. Radesh Vyas, general surgeant, Dr. Jogenra Singh, general doctor, Dr. A.K. Naval, general doctor, Dr. Goyal, eye specialist, Dr. Madhu Mathur , gynecologist and Dr. Abishek Dadich, dentist. The end result of the health camp was excellent. We had more than 500 patients receiving consultations and free medicines. They came from nearby villages, mostly iletrated farmer families for free help and treatments. Seven patients were selected for the eye operation. They were operated on the same day. Food and accamodation for the patients was given free by the Sri…. as well as the operations itself. Dr. Goyal and his professional team were giving treatment and operations. On the second day after the camp, hospital doctors did post- operative check up. They provided glasses as well. Thanks to your donations we could help all this needed 500 patients in this rural area. Please be so kind to help us also in the future.


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