Saturday, March 26, 2011

Story of Jamuna Devi

„My name is Jamuna Devi. I m 40 years old housewife. I have five daughters. My husband is earning about 2000Rs per month which is shared by seven family members.
Five years ago I got eye problems. In the evening after 6pm I cannot see anything at night. I‘ m also working as labour sometimes and since last 2 years I developed problem in my left eye.
I could not see properly long distance and also short distance gave me more and more unclear and dull pictures. This worsten with time. I heard about your camp through ambulance loudspeakers passing through my village.
So this is how I came to know more about your hospital camp with free eye operations.
I was operated yesterday, March 16th, 2011. Today the bandage from my left eyes was removed.
I got special eye glasses. I am so happy because my vision is clear again.
I was diagnosed by General Practitioner of the hospital with big Vitamine A deficiency which is the cause of my night blindness.
I was diagnosed aneamic as well and he prescribed me Vit A and iron tablets to combat my deficiency and to improve my health. Next week I have my check up appointment.“
I am very thankfull to the Sri Swami Madhavanada Austria Hospital team for all help I received.

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