Friday, April 8, 2011

Dr. Krisna G. Agarwal, physician, joined our hospital

We are very happy to announce that Dr.Krisna Gopal Agarwal ,MBBS, and MD physician, retired Medical Officer, Chest and Tuberculosis specialist, joint on the 1.of April our Hospital. He was working in Government Hospital for 30 years. The last years he gave his services to the Government Hospital in Nadol, distr. Pali. Due to his long years of medical experiences he is a big support for the treatment of our patients. He knows also many possibilities how to benefit from the advantages given by the Indian government to ill people. We welcome him and his wife warmly in our Hospital family.

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  1. really nice news dr.k.g.agarwal is joined hospital bcoz in around this area mony pepole r suffered from tb&other chest related disese but poor pepole is more & hospital r high rates dr.jagdish