Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wrong treatment and correct treatment, the destiny of a farmer

On the 11. Feb. M. Kanha Ram came in our hospital. He is a 60years old farmer from Jadan village. He had since one year big problems with his right shoulder. He could not lift up his arm and not work with both hands in farming, due to severe pain. One friend of him told him that in a nearby village there is a man healing with hot iron rode. So he decided to go to this man searching for help. He reached at his home the next day. The man, who had no medical education at all, but pretending to be able to cure people, heated an iron rode in the open fire and touched with the glowing iron rode the top of the shoulder of Kanha Ram and hold it there for a while. It was a terrible pain and Khana Ram was screaming loudly. It took him 3 weeks that the wound was healing but no success concerning his shoulder problem.
Our Hospital gives free consultations to the Jadan village and so he came to us searching for a professional help. Our senior Dr., Dr. Arora make the diagnosis that he has a frozzen shoulder and referred him to our Physiotherapist Dr. Dhananjay. He started a treatment with Ultrasound therapy, Short wave Diathermy and special exercises to improve the function of the shoulder joint. Kanha Ramis is very happy now that finaly his shoulder becomes better and better. He started already to work again as a farmer, which work he had to stop for already one year.


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