Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kako Bai needs our help!

Kako Bai is a strong Lady from Malpurya village, which is 8 km away from Jadan. She is 60 years old and she has 3 sun and one daughter. Her 2 sons are working outside the village in Pali and Mumbai and one is farmer im Malpurya, her daughter is with her. The family is living with appr. 3000 ind. Rupees monthly.
One year ago she had an accident in her home, she slipped on the floor and fall very badly. After this accident she did'nt get any treatment or examination , she was not brought to a Doctor for help, she was alone in misery. After this she was not any more able to fulfill her daily duties at home because she couldnt stand or sit any more. She came to us in the Malpurya Camp only by roping on the earth, because she can't use any more the right leg. The bones are already joint but in a complete wrong direction - so all her working possibilities are reduced to zero, she can only rope on the floor.We took her to the hospital,where she get the first X-ray of the leg, which shows a fracture in the right hip joint but also a fracture in the femur. All is already in calcification but the bones joint in a wrong position. Also the joints,ligaments and muscles of the whole leg are reduced and the whole leg is complitly stiff. another problem is that se cannot see on both eyes due to catharract.Our Hospital provide her tomorrow a free eye operation. In the morning our Ambulance car will fatch her from her home and bring her to the Hospital for operation. The catarract operation will be done the same day.

We decided to do our best to help her!She will need an artificial hip joint,which is extremly costly and must be done in a special clinique. Afterwards she will need also a long time of rehabilatation too. If it is possible please help so that we can make this operation possible! Please see on under SUPPORT the possibilities of donation for Kakoo Bai. Write please on your donation also her name. It would be wonderful if we could help her!
Thank you so much!We will report you always about her condition.


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