Monday, January 17, 2011

Our 1. serious patient: the report of his heart attack

Dalyal Puri, Slovenia: "My story:
It happened on 3rd August this year. I was lying in my bed and then turned on the stomach and it suddenly happened. After a few seconds I felt a pain in the chest area. I was trying to help myself with pranayama techniques but without any success. The pain remained.
With the help of my friend I immediately visited our hospital in Jadan (Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital). I was received by a young Indian doctor Dr.Jagdish. He examined me, measured my blood pressure and consequently suggested me to visit ECG doctor in Pali immediately. The whole way to Pali (20km distance) in the ambulance I was repeating my mantra and I wasn’t scared. When I got to Pali they made my ECG and the situation became serious and urgent. I was sent to the nearby hospital at once where I was put on infusion with certain medicines and the doctors gave me different medical applications. After 3 hours I was urgently sent by ambulance to the Goyal Hospital in Jodhpur, a private cardiology hospital.
The next day they checked (with angiography examination) the blockage of my artery (in the heart), it was still 99% blocked and my life was still in danger. On the 5th August they implanted a stent into my artery which means that they expanded my artery to make it active again. I stayed in Goyal Hospital for the next two days. After that I returned to Jadan hospital where I spent 6 more days. They were taking care of me very well since I was their first really serious patient. Many thanks especially to doctor Jagdish who really excellently diagnosed my problems and sent me to the right place in time.
Now I am enjoying the life in the ashram and its peaceful atmosphere.When lying in the hospital I was remembering the words of the Swami Chitanandaji. He said that if you really want successful live you can do only two or three things.
I know that I got a second chance in my live. Many things are to reform. I feel better to connect with my mantra and Gurudev ... ……Now my live will be ... . I don' t know ... . I shall see and feel ... . "
Dayal Puri


  1. Om shanti . you are indeed under the care of your Guru and Sadvi Shanti Puri , also the skill and kknowledge of Dr Jagdish who realised you need more urgent care and treatment than he could provide

    You have a very happy smile on your face and I will keep your continued well being in my heart

    Om Shanti , Om Shanti , Om Shanti

  2. Our 1. serious patient: the report of his heart attack
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