Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heath checkup of Schoolchildren on 5.1.2012

We started the New Year with a Health Checkup of two classes of our
Sri Vishwa Deep Gurukul Secondary School. Our doctors made a general medical checkup (Dr. Arora Govind Narayan, MBBS), an Eye Checkup with Dr. Erzsebet Szabo and a dental checkup with Dr. Abishek Dhadich. Dr.Erzsebet Szabo is eye specialist, coming from Strasbourg in France. She came in our hospital as a volunteering doctor for three weeks. We are very thankful for her work here, serving the people of Rajasthan, where eye diseases are very common.
Here the result of the examinations of 200 students in the age between 15 and 18 years:
Dental diseases: 70%, Eye problems: 30%, Anaemia: 30%, Skeletal problems: 5%, Obesiasis: 3%, Ear problems: 3%, Skin problems: 3%
You can see that the medical control of this children shows that it is for the well being and the health of our indian students absolutely necessary to be under the observation, examination and treatment of medical doctors.
We hope that all children will have better results in the next medical examination and that their parents allow the treatments for them. We wish the children good luck, good health and happiness.
This regular health checkup in the school is part of the Health Program of the Sri Vishwa Deep Gurukul in cooporation with the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital.Thanks to all who made it possible.


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