Friday, February 3, 2012

Hospital staff is going to a village giving free services

It is a big action when our hospital staff with doctors, nurses, equipments and medicines is going in our ambulance car to the villages TO MAKE A FREE MEDICAL CAMP. Mostly there is nothing prepared there, except a small naked room....So we have to adapt everything: tables, chairs, lights,instruments, dental chair for our dentist, registrations, flyers etc. etc. 3-4 days before we make advertisement in the village and around area with car and loudspeaker, distributing flyers, so that people know that we will give free medical services on this or that day.Our whole team is occupied the whole day, morning till evening, to make this camp possible.Few members of course remain in the Hospital to provide all medical facilities there. People of the village in this rural area have very rare opportunity to see and consult doctors - that's why this kind of service is very useful for them and free of costs.They are thankful and happy about this. In each and every camp we select patients for eye operations which will be performed afterwards. We thank all donors to make this service possible so that our brothers and sisters of this rural areas, can benefit from medical services.Our staff also is very happy to serve there. A lot of thanks to them also!

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