Friday, February 3, 2012

Story of Prathvi Singh

Prathvi Singh is a farmer in Malpuriya Kalla village. He has 5 children, 3 boys and two daughters, which are already married, living far away with their husbands family. He has an income from approximately 3000 rupees per month (appr.50 EUR) for a family with 4 members at present.For this people in the very rural areas the visit of a doctor, transportation, cost of medicines etc. is a big problem and many cannot enforce the most simple medical examinations and treatments.
Since 9 month Pathvi Singh has a tumor on the right side of his neck. He went to our hospital where Dr. Radesh Vyas, our general surgeon, saw him and diagnosed a cancer disease. He recommended him to go to a big hospital in Jodhpur for operation. But Prathvi Singh didn’t do it, because he is much afraid before the operation. He visited Dr. Vyas another 2 times for symptomatically therapy but he could not be convinced to go for operation. This time,when we came to his village Malpuriya Kalla, where the hospital was holding a free camp, he came again to us. Dr. Vyas and me, both we tried to motivate him to go for operation, telling him that his children in the age of 19 – 23 years are in urgent need of their father. He listened carefully and promised to go for operation and we promised him to stay in contact with him any time if he needs our help. He can get the operation and all medicines even for free in the Mathur Das Government Hospital in Jodhpur, because he has an identity card that his family is under the poverty line and for them the Indian government provides free medical services. With all our best wishes and the promise to stay in touch with us we let him go. May God bless his way and may the operation will give him long life and good health.

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